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Offshore India Data Entry - XML Conversion Services

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is one of the most widely used cross platform and web publishing format for sharing, displaying and storing information on Internet because of its advantages over other web publishing formats such as scalability, validation, capability and flexibility. XML is an open standard acceptable format by W3C, this using this language user can describe their own elements.

Outsource XML Data Conversion

Offshore India Data Entry is a prominent BPO company in India that provides XML conversion outsourcing services. We offer fast, accurate and versatile services at reliable rate to our customers. We use latest technology and tools for conversion of flat data, partially ordered data, delimited fields etc to XML files in an effective manner. We handle all XML version projects like Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema Definition (XSD) and use third party encoding like DTBook, TEI, NLM etc.

XML Conversion Company

As XML conversion company, we have managed different types of XML conversion projects related to various publishers, libraries, government organizations, universities etc from all around the world. We make sure that the converted files are accurate with high quality so that it can be published on different platforms without any delay.

Hire our XML Programmers & Developers

Our team of software developers has proficiency in different software languages and tools like XML/SGML/HTML, DTD/Schema, Java/J2EE, ASP/ Dot Net, VB, ASP and other. We will help you in converting your hard copies or electronic files to specific formats by providing you data analysis, document structure determination and DTD analysis.

Our XML conversion services include:

  • HTML to XML conversion
  • PDF to XML conversion
  • DOC to XML conversion
  • CSV to XML conversion
  • Excel to XML conversion
  • Text to XML conversion
  • SGML to XML conversion
  • XHTML to XML conversion
  • Binary to XML conversion
  • RTF to XML conversion
  • TIFF to XML conversion
  • XML tagging services
  • Printed/Hardcopies to XML
  • Electronic copies to XML
  • QuarkExpress, InDesign, FrameMaker to XML
  • Any Type file to XML
  • Any Type of Text into XML
  • Advantages of our services
  • Quality XML conversion services
  • Expert team with domain knowledge in various fields
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High Accuracy
  • Transparent Services
  • Data Analysis
  • DTD or Schema development or alteration
  • Preparing XML conversion process and specifications
  • Data Conversion through OCR or manual keying
  • Data Cleanup
  • Proof Reading
  • XML Encoding
  • XML parsing and XML validation

If you have any queries and need any help regarding XML conversion then feel free to contact us or you can even send us your requirements at [email protected]