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Offshore E-book Conversion

eBook conversion service refers to the conversion of books into e-books. Actually it is the conversion of hard copies into electronic files. E-book conversion services have number of plus points over traditional books. E-Book is helpful in saving storage space for books and it's also helpful as one can store books in a well structured and organized manner. E-publishing is much more cost effective than printed documents. Many organizations are now actively going for E-book conversion services because of its benefits and reliable rate.

It doesn't matter that you are a library owner or a publishing store owner. But more important fact is that you wish to convert your books into eBooks. Then you took right decision and you are at the right place. We provide our customers excellent, accurate and high quality eBook conversion outsourcing services. We provide wide range of conversion options for your books so you can get conversion into convenient formats as you wish. This all will be helping you in accessing from anywhere and anytime allowing reading all your E-book from your desktop computers, laptops, palmtops, Kindle, iPad, IPod, Sony Reader, Blackberry machines, Barnes & Noble Nook etc. We are here to help you in all your needs of converting books, magazines, journals, articles, research papers etc into electronic files. We will transform your library into e-library and publishing store to an e-publishing store at affordable rates and taking less time which is more valuable for both of us. We assure you for accurate and high quality conversion services.

Our team can effectively handle large volumes of E-book conversion services. We have successfully completed many E-book conversion projects for several publications, libraries, institutions, book stores and companies in India. We accept E-book conversion services from different formats which can be HTML, MS Word, Frame Maker, Quark etc. After conversion we deliver the e-books in different formats such as PDF, HTML, XML etc.

Our E-book conversion services

  • E-publishing conversion services
  • E-book conversion services
  • E-journal conversion services
  • E-research paper conversion services
  • E-brochure conversion services
  • E-magazine conversion services
  • E-brochure conversion services

Our E-book conversion process

  • Document scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Mainline text cleaning
  • Styling and Proofing
  • Electronic file conversion
  • Editing
  • Completion

Advantages of our E-book conversion services

  • We offer complete e-book conversion services and solutions
  • Save cost and time
  • Fast and accurate e-book conversion services
  • Offers prolonged existence of books by converting them into e-books
  • Highly professional and reliable services

Outsource you data conversion requirements to us and experience our excellent services.

You are most welcomed for any assistance related to the e-book conversion outsourcing requirements. Please do contact us or send your online requirements at [email protected]