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Image Masking Services

Offshore India Data Entry, the best-rated image editing outsourcing company, assures to render flawless and highly cost-effective photo masking services to our global clients. In recent times, the concept of outsourcing image masking services has accomplished a huge prominence within the global market. The process of image masking is all about altering the original photo including isolating the image background and removing the unwanted elements. At Offshore India Data Entry, our team of professional image editing experts ensures to assist all sorts of business verticals (ad companies, publishing houses, fashion stores, eCommerce business, etc.) with the flawless image masking services. It has turned out to be one of the most demanding services in the global business field.

Our Varied Image Masking Services Include:

  •    Alpha Channel Masking

    This masking technique is also known as ‘raster masking’ and it is used for translucent and semi-translucent images. This process is utilized for generating layers over a specific image. It ensures to cut-out the elements that aren’t necessary for an image.
  •    Photoshop Transparency Masking

    It is used for eliminating the transparent images from the image background. For example, images with gradient opaqueness (glass objects, etc.) can be removed without any hassles.
  •    Photoshop Collage Masking

    This method is primarily used to remove the background of an image and it is widely used to mask the various images for brochures, eCommerce websites, etc. It helps to mask the unwanted elements of an image.
  •    Translucent Image Masking

    This concept is widely used for detaching the translucent images from their background, followed by eliminating the irrelevant pixels from the image.

The pool of image editors at Offshore India Data Entry has a greater proficiency in dealing with the advanced editing software and hardware, thereby, generating a superior-quality rich result.

Why Should You Prefer the Image Masking Services of Offshore India Data Entry?

  •    Helping you to save a drastic operational cost by outsourcing your requirements to us.
  •    Offering robust quality-check process, maintaining the standard quality.
  •    Providing round-the-clock assistance with secure file transfer.
  •    Well-equipped with advanced data security and confidentiality measures.
  •    Team of professional and trained image editors to assist you with the needed image masking solutions.

Our related image masking services also encompass of clipping path with the white background, color separation, customized colorization, resizing, and much more. All of the above-mentioned techniques are designed in a way that the background is smoothly extracted from your images, along with rendering an exquisite image appearance. To make a collaboration with us for image masking or photo masking services, feel free to contact us at [email protected]