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Image Masking Services
The outstanding image masking service from Offshore India

The professionals and highly skilled team in Offshore India data entry possessed rich expertise and experience and are highly trained in their respective domain in different business process outsourcing solutions, we are enough proficient in image masking services. There are different images which are very complex and have different hard outlines with mixes and curvatures. In this condition clipping paths become more and more difficult to apply in these types of images due to its intricate and improper outlines. But we, at Offshore India, makes utilize of several types of Photoshop image masking and editing tricks and techniques, to make it possible for better and effective masking on your desired images directly. Our couples of years of experienced Photoshop designing professionals offer unparalleled manual image masking services to our huge number of clients’ across the globe such as, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Denmark and other Asian and European Countries.

Techniques used for Image Masking Services at Offshore India data entry

We, at Offshore India can change and alter your desired images into conspicuous vector illustrations with the assistance of graphic and Photoshop designers or illustrators professionals. We generally draw, edit and illustrate your desired images manually and uncover the images very accurately to produce with an illustrative vector or the format you have already chosen. At Offshore India, our team of expert and highly skilled image masking professional is truly focused in offering the best of the bests image masking services at an affordable cost with in time delivery with full service satisfaction guaranteed.

Why you should choose us to Outsource Photo Masking Services

Our team of designers and image illustrators are experts in their respective domain and possessed hands-on-experience to utilize latest application software such as Adobe Photoshop CS3, and other advanced latest tools and software for further business need. Our highly expert team is enough capable in several image masking techniques such as:

  • We offer alpha channel image masking solution. It is also known as raster masking in Adobe Photoshop, it is one of the great editing services commonly used for the purpose of pellucid and semi-transparent translucent images. In some images there are quite difficult to create layers and in this condition this techniques are very good that ensure for cut-out and or isolated images as well.
  • We offer Advanced as well as complex layer image masking solution. There is in need for perfection with the image extraction of exact and fine objects, generally this done from the background of an image. This unique technique helps you to manage your mask pellucid and semi transparent objects such as, feathers, hair or fur, from a picture. It is done in using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
  • We offer Masking through Photoshop Transparency. This technique is very helpful for the purpose of smooth removal or transparent pictures.
  • We offer Image Masking semi-transparent. We can help you to isolate the semitransparent pictures from its setting, helps you to edit the unwanted pixels from the images according to your choice.
  • We offer extensive Photoshop Collage Masking. This is good for the purpose of catalogs, brochures and e-commerce sites. Our services are included with clipping path with beautiful white background, customized colorization, color separation, resizing images, path identification and combination of images etc.

Our skilled and professional designers at Offshore India data entry are enough creative and assure you a complete professional touch in all the pictures that are masked. Our professional are competent and focus on the product you desired to fit to the market and try to avoid unwanted backdrops. At Offshore India data entry you are assured that the service we provide will surely be delivered in time with best quality and accuracy.

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