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Offshore Data Mining Services

Data Mining Service is basically the service connected with process of extracting information from a large data volume and convert it into a clear format for advance use. It helps companies and business organizations to extract the relevant information from their collected data. Data mining help organizations in risk prediction, customer reliability, potential sales trends etc and thus businesses can make wise decisions and can develop better marketing campaigns.

At Offshore India Data Entry, We have a team of skilled professionals who are well experienced to handle the project efficiently. We left no stone turn around to provide you cost effective, reliable and accurate service.

Uses of Data Mining Services

  • Market segmentation- Identify the general features of purchasers who buy similar products from your company
  • Customer loyalty- Identify customers who will leave you
  • Fraud detection- Identify the transactions that has the chances to be fraudulent
  • Direct marketing- Identify the viewpoints that should be included in mailing list to attain the maximum response rate.
  • Interactive marketing- Predicting individual interest on a website
  • Market basket analysis- Identify the products and services that the customers buy together
  • Trend analysis

Our Data mining services

  • Gathering data from websites into Excel database
  • Searching and collecting contact information from websites
  • Creating lists of target websites
  • Searching online newspapers for latest information
  • Extracting and summarizing news from various news sources
  • Gathering information concerning competitor's company
  • Online synchronization for various databases
  • Data mining from portals, directories, networks, e-books and manuals
  • Data mining software to extract Meta Data from websites
  • Data mining from customer websites, blogs and forums
  • Updating/ Modifying collected data
  • Large infrastructure
  • Quick Turn around
  • 24 x7 x 365 Customer support
  • Stringent Quality measures undertaken with guaranteed accuracy
  • Cost Savings of up to 60% compared to current industry data mining providers
  • Differing Time zones which means we are still on your project past your office hours
  • Rigorously trained, skilled professionals exhibiting specialized set of skills in different fields

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