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Offshore India Data Entry - B3 Form Processing Services

B3 Form Processing Services
The B3 form processing service at Offshore India – best outsourcing company in India

The Offshore India Data Entry runs several kinds of data entry services in the outsourcing business world. B3 form processing is one the best services among the services. The company holds a strong position to process this service with efficiency and accuracy. We provide this service to the license holder custom brokers in a super-fast way to operate the shipments of that particular broker via customs.

How Offshore India can help you for the service?

Our company works for different kinds of customs broking companies to prepare legal papers and to yield the legal papers related to shipments on account of them. The customs broking companies do import export business of goods all over the world due to that reason they have to show the B3 forms to the security check. B3 form is full of the information about the sources of goods, the tax rate, and insurance coverage of the goods, the traffic ranking and the worth of the consignment which controls the duties of customs. Our skilled team members of this B3 form making process assist the customs broking companies to capitulate the legal documents regarding packaging and accounting for the shipments which the customs broking companies do. We always provide a fast and speedy and hassle free service to our custom broking companies. The entire B3 form processing method is a long term process with four distinguished phases.

The process of getting shipment docs from customs broking companies

We maintain some rules to outsource the B3 forms from the customs broking companies. We offer some options to the companies that in which way the legal papers of shipment will be transferred to our B3 form processing departments. The customs broking companies follow some steps to outsource the documents to us. These are

  • They scan each and every legal agreement into images.
  • They allot an ID of docket reference and upload the files of images to the concerned departments of the customs broking companies with full proof security.
  • They always secure the B3 form documents through DMS or Document Management System or through server.
  • Then they upload scanned documents onto the protected servers of our company.
  • They transfer legal agreements through e-mail or by the fax service for other procedures.

Work pattern of handling the B3 forms of our company

Our team of B3 forms processing service log in to their network where the outsourced legal documents are uploaded by the custom broking company to process the data. Then they arrange the pile of document files into index and sort the data in accordance with the worth of each shipment within the time limit with proper verification of each file.

Why you choose Offshore India?

Offshore India is a best of the bests company has been providing an unmatched technology enabled service in India and gained an immense popularity due to its unparalleled customer satisfaction and up-to-date enterprise solutions to all of its clients. We provide every type of processing services and expanding our outsourcing solutions across the globe. Our services are 100 percent error free with high standard with accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness. We understand the value of our clients and their requirements. We can handle any types of need and for all sized organizations. So, why are you hovering here and there in search a good service provider?  We are here who can give you an unbeaten service and assure you to be the best one with other rivals in the same domain.

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