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We at offshore outsourcing understand that how a built environment impacts every aspect of our lives, whether it be at home or at work. Sustainable design is basically a process of designing and constructing facilities that are profitable, environment and healthy place for work. The technology advancement and latest software make it possible to calculate the energy performance of a building at the beginning stage of building construction.

We are the premier provider for sustainable analysis design, sticking on the concept of Go Green during the design and construction of building. Sustainable design and the LEED rating system are the core part of our services.

Our highly experienced team poses detailed knowledge and understanding how to balance between consumption and generation. To optimize overall energy and environmental performance, we identify and integrate value sustainable design strategies into project.

List of services that our sustainable division can provide:

LEED Project management, including:

  1. LEED services to evaluate the owner's initial objective and goal
  2. Registration of project
  3. Commissioning
  4. Proper coordination with designing team to ensure all sustainable elements is included in project plan.
  5. Full coordination of LEED features with contractor

Analysis on sustainable features and building system, include:

  1. Lighting control and system
  2. HVAC( Heating, ventilation and air condition) system
  3. Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
  4. Storm water/clear water harvesting
  5. Solar thermal domestic hot water heating
  6. Geothermal

Energy Modelling Service include:

Offshore high quality energy modelling service includes:

  1. Location analysis services
  2. Analysis of shadow
  3. Energy compliance service
  4. Reflection analysis service
  5. Visibility analysis service

Let us together design a blueprint for a better green tomorrow where one can easily could get fresh air!!

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