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We understand your need for excellent market research solutions. OffshoreIndiaData Entry has the extraordinary skills for handling bulk data and can also offer complete support to any of the market research companies existing in the field. Since inception, we have been a pioneer in outsourcing and offshore market research services.

Market Research is important for all the firms, for decisions ranging from pricing to promotions. Today, outsourced market research services are gaining a huge popularity on the global market platform because of the conveniences we provide. We provide local market information for global giants to make crucial management decisions.

Our Services

Receipt research Entry – As we know, business market researches are carried out on basis of the data provided. When there is a shortage of data in digital format, we at Offshore India Data Entry come to your rescue with the help of receipt data entry.

Invoice data entry – Our invoice data entry services will help you to analyze the quantity and price of the commodity that is being sold.

Rebate Receipt Entry – Rebate data entry can affect your business profit margin from time to time. This service can help the analysts to clarify the pattern of discounts given to the loyal clients.

Coupon Data Entry – Coupons can bring more profit to your business. Our coupon data entry service can help in to pull a lot more clients to your business.

Bulk Data research and Processes – We offer research data in bulk to assist your firm in market research analysis. The research data can be solidified to give extensive Insight to the business firm.

Survey Form Data Entry – Surveys are important elements of a market research. We offer accurate research data through engaging and extensive market surveys.

Bulk Data Formatting in Word and Excel – At Offshore India Data Entry, we undertake bulk data formatting in word and excel. Since we provide it in the required format, you can import the collected data to your ERP for further analysis purposes.


Why Us?

You might come across a variety of international outsourcing marketing research firms but Offshore India Data Entry provides you unmatched research services. We offer savvy, accurate and detailed research data for your market research. You can avail quality service at a reasonable amount. Our services also target the major market research companies placed on a global level.

Come, explore and exploit our services!

To know more about our services, Contact us or send your requirements at [email protected]