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mortgage processing services

Want to take your mortgage process to the next level? ‘Offshore India Data Entry’ is the righteous possibility for your business.

“Professionalized Mortgage Processing Services to Amplify Your Business Prestige”

With our noteworthy industrial knowledge of 7+ years, our diligent team of employees ensures to originate a successful professional partnership with lenders, mortgage brokers, and various banks.

Expedited Mortgage Processing

Our team of experienced employees strives hard by facilitating a quicker mortgage processing services of your loan through a sense of extensive urgency. We utilize the apt implementation of expounding and seeking the mortgage rules to reduce the time taken to clear the loan for closing. We possess the best industrial ability to process all types of mortgage forms.

Our Mortgage Processing Services Includes:

  • 1.  Pre-Processing – This primary phase comprises of the on-time document collection to prevent any delay in the mortgage lifecycle. It is our major responsibility to ensure that the concerned parties have submitted the intact documentation to advance the loan within the specified time. While we deal with the documents, we store and index every document set on a page-by-page basis. Our mortgage processors effortlessly index the documents and ensure a faultless pre-processing support service.

  • 2.  Pre-underwriting – We handle the assigned project to our team of pre-underwriters before initiating the work, so that, they can formulate significant decisions. They review the files to detect and address any inaccuracies. Once the mortgage related files are reviewed, we make optimal use of the 4C’s (namely capacity, credit, capital, and collateral). To generate a loan decision, we update the necessary information and loan parameters via the effective use of a loan origination system.

  • 3.  Underwriting Quality Check – In this stage, the underwriting process goes through a consistent and accurate quality check. With the assistance of our experienced quality check employees, we execute a detailed reviewing of tasks and successfully examine the speculation and calculations of an underwriter.

  • 4.  Processing – We gather, review, and validate the mortgage documents through our support team under the processing stage. We merge the essential documentation to close the mortgage processing and take the on-time actions on verifications and titles. •  Gathering the documentation works from the loan officers and shares the details with the underwriter •  Preparing loan file package for closing •  Providing the documentation and certificates which are generally requested by the loan officer •  Reviewing the documentation and giving an approval to take forward the mortgage to closing stage
  • 5.  Closing – This stage comprises performing the tax and insurance audits through an extensive evaluation to determine the quality and standard of the output. Once the verification is done, we offer all the legal files and closing instructions to a third-party. During finalizing the loan closing, we make the necessary modifications to the documentation accordingly.
  • 6.  Post-Closing – It is the establishment of an official relation between the borrower and lender. We ensure that all the rules are abided by from time-to-time and are applied to get detailed information. We execute a follow-up on the documentation process and we perform a post-loan estimation to regulate whether the loan was worthy and successful. Our team consistently keeps a check on the documentation process to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • 7.  Title Review – We thoroughly analyze the potential inconsistencies under our title review process. We share the inconsistencies occurred with the stakeholders and keep them constantly informed. Under our appraisal assessment, we generate an apt estimate that is developed from the present market. Later on, the process of assessing the title is executed. The details that encompass the report includes tax information, title transfer, mortgage or property details. This is followed by the preparation of a preliminary report.

Why Mortgage Processing Outsource to Offshore India Data Entry?

  • • Offering extending hours of operation to meet your needs on-time
  • • Minimizing the turnaround time
  • • Service-focused values
  • • Utilizing modernized technologies to meet the end needs

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