Data Entry for Hospital Purpose

Case Study 01

Data Entry for Hospital Purpose
We at Offshore India Data Entry are well known for offering a high-quality service to all the customers, especially being a back support for hospitals.

Our client belonged to the medical field and required an assistance in carrying out the data entry project for his leading hospital. This case study deals with the data entry of patient records for a well-established hospital. The major drawback of the study was that the data available was maintained in a physical format. The forms belonged to various fields, thus, increasing the challenge. There were nearly 10 set of forms per patient.

The client wanted us to make it simple to access each 10 forms of per patient and also to recognize the fields that need to be filled. They sought our help to enter the relevant data in an excel sheet and maintain the document with high confidentiality. They also wanted us to follow a perfect style of approach such as sending the data maintained at the end of every week, in order to avoid any sort of hassle.

Though we were able to stand up to the expectation of the client, our well-trained staffs faced certain challenges during the whole process. One of the main challenges was the data given to us were in handwritten format and it was a time consuming process to feed the data into an excel sheet.
Each and every data entered was supposed to be accurate and it should serve the aim of keeping the secrets of the patient confidential.

Data Entry for Hospital Purpose