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Offshore India Data Entry - Scanning & Indexing Services

Offshore Scanning and Indexing Services

Offshore India Data Entry Services offers a wide range of document scanning and indexing services including, data entry, data conversion, data processing, data capture, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reader (OMR) and document imaging systems. We adopt a quality-focused approach to meet the scanning and indexing requirements of our clients. Our years of experience and huge repository of technology and talented manpower support in the competitive outsourcing industry has made us the trusted partner of many leading organization.

We provide digital images and information in the formats as per clients need. The entire data is validated and verified to ensure complete accuracy. Our highly reliable outsourcing scanning and indexing services convert your data and images from paper records to existing computer files.

Our Scanning and Indexing Services

Offshore India Data Entry scanning services include OCR, OMR, scanning with flatbed scanners, editing and indexing services. Our team is highly competent of analyzing, planning and executing any type of scanning project requirement. No matter how complex or simple your project is, Offshore India Data Entry Services can always serve your needs. Business firms can utilize our data conversion expert wing in the process of paper to digital conversion services. Since the modern concept of paper free office and or go digital Eco-friendliness will come true in effect.

Get Round the Clock Access to Your Documents

To ensure security, integrity and confidentiality of your documents, we employ hi-tech technology and well-defined document scanning procedures. Our OCR / Scanning team provides services to backup big scale document transition projects that demand fast reversals and high-end deliverable.
The document scanning services from Offshore India Data Entry transforms information recorded on paper and other media into a wide variety of digital formats. Moving ahead once you have all the documents scanned, we can provide with our data entry services to manage and store your documents. Properly indexed scanned images turns into an electronic file cabinet that can be accessed via LAN, intranet or over the Internet.

Send us your physical documents such as business forms, purchase orders, invoices, insurance forms, checks, surveys, lease agreements, student records, and litigation and case files to convert into electronic images. We will send you the accurately done and managed electronic documents through FTP, CD, or we can host these images on a document server that provides high security and cost-effective solution for your document management.

More Scanning Indexing Services

  • OMR scanning
  • OCR data from scanned documents or Image to Text Conversion
  • Scan and OCR for paper or book to CD/DVD format
  • Categorization
  • High speed scanning
  • High volume scanning
  • Data Backup and Duplication
  • Quick Data or Document Retrieval
  • Full Profile and Text Indexing of scanned documents
  • CD-ROM/DVD Cataloging and Publishing
  • Transfer of Data Inventory to portable media storage devices of your choice.

Contact us to outsource your scanning and indexing services, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing costs and investing your time and budget in other core business processes.

Please ask us for a quick no obligation, Mail at [email protected], if you are interested in our service.