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Offshore Survey Processing Services

Offshore India Data Entry, the best outsourcing company across the world, is well-specialized in rendering a comprehensive range of survey processing services. Surveys have a huge importance in every business sector as it helps to measure the performance of your product or service in the market. Our team of dedicated and experienced survey processing professionals ensures to draw out the needed data from survey forms and streamline the information into an easily accessible format.

“Driving your organization to take fruitful and strategic decisions”

The experts at Offshore India Data Entry can easily process the varied kinds of survey forms such as market research survey forms, questionnaire, customer feedback forms, web-based forms, and much more.

“Get the survey done and leave the processing on our shoulders”

Organizing the data in an effectual manner is more important than just gathering the data through survey forms. The Offshore India Data Entry team renders flexible options for a mail survey, print surveys, designing of questionnaire, and much more.

The foremost survey processing services include:

  • Setting up of Survey Design

    At Offshore India Data Entry, our team partners with you to design an effective questionnaire, which is highly significant for a successful survey processing services.
  • Scanning of the Survey

    Our team makes wider use of the OCR and ICR technologies to digitize the data from multiple formats. The OCR and ICR technologies and the right tools used by us ensure to convert the data within a short time.It streamlines and improves the process of collecting, digitizing, and storing the data in a specified format. The use of OCR, OMR, or ICR will instantly extract the data onto varied file formats.
  • Survey Data Entry

    Our team of experienced data entry operators fetch the data from various survey forms and enter them into a secured electronic format such as Excel, SPSS, MySQL, and much more. Our successful data entry leads to better survey data analysis and data extraction.
  • Analysis and Reporting of the Survey

    Depending upon the requirement of your survey processing project, our team initiates the right steps to perform the statistical tests. The result is depicted in the tabular or graphical format for easy and better understanding.

Why should you get the survey processing done from Offshore India Data Entry?

  • Creating customer based surveys
  • Collecting the statistical report from the survey data
  • Evaluating the survey questions
  • Identifying the internal issues through effective processing
  • Get a customized survey design done in any format
  • A pool of skilled and well-experienced data management experts
  • Offering the quality-focused result within shorter TAT
  • Complete transparency in the work and ensuring excellent data security
  • In-depth check and control of quality and accuracy and ensuring to remove possible errors

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