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Offshore Offline Data Entry

Offshore India Data Entry renders a comprehensive set of economically priced offline data entry services to all our worthy global clients. Though there has been a constant rise towards the approach of digitization, yet, a majority of the documents in many business organizations are still available in a non-digital format such as insurance claims or any paper records. In an instance of gathering the data from non-electronic sources (without the need of internet), the concept of outsourcing offline data entry services should be applied.

Topmost Offline Data Entry Services Offered at Offshore India Data Entry:

  • Offline catalog data entry

  • Offline data entry for mailing lists

  • Offline data entry for surveys

  • Offline data entry of resumes

  • Offline form processing

  • Offline business card data entry

  • An offline collection, organizing, sorting, indexing of data

  • Offline data entry of insurance claims

  • Offline data from one format into another

  • Offline eBook data entry into database programs

  • Offline data entry for websites

The implementation of offline data entry services in business has been existing for many years. We execute a double entry quality check process to detect the presence of duplicate entries or any error.

We possess the effective team and state-of-the-art infrastructure to manage all kinds of outsource offline data entry services, irrespective of the complexities involved in the process.

Offline Data Entry Workflow

  • Step 1 – Accepting the input data from different sources such as handwritten documents, scanned images, or hard copies

  • Step 2 – The data is later on entered into a client-prescribed format such as an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document

  • Step 3 – We perform both manual and electronic quality check to ensure there isn’t any flaw or inconsistency in the data

  • Step 4 – Once the final process is done, the files are saved into an editable format, for the delivering of the result to a client

Why Prefer the ‘Offline Data Entry Services’ of Offshore India Data Entry?

  • • Possessing years of industrial experience, employing a team of 350+ trained and professional data entry operators and analysts
  • • Offering the service as well as attending the client queries on a 24*7 basis without any hassles
  • • Adhering to the Non-Disclosure Agreement and data security policies to safeguard the privacy of our client’s business documents
  • • Accurate and consistent services are offered at a cost-effectively designed budget

For further support to accomplish on-time outsourcing offline data entry services, drop us an email at [email protected]