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Data Capture Services

Offshore India Data Entry renders the expert assistance to execute the data capture services which are highly significant for the growth of every organization.

“Identifying and extracting the needed data from scanned sources”

We are aware of the fact that data constitutes an essential role in the decision-making process of a business. A bulk of important business data commonly resides within the piles of documents or on the internet. This information has a prominent role in a business functioning and at times, it can be a game-changer.

To extract the crucial data from varied sources, our team of professional document imaging will aid you to capture the data successfully. Data capture, precisely, also referred to as document imaging service refers to the process of extracting the data from varied physical sources such as forms, receipts, paper documents, microfilms, etc. and digitizing them for better accessibility.

The End Need of Outsourcing Data Capture Service to Offshore India Data Entry

  • Bunch of experienced and dedicated professionals and staffs
  • 24*7 customer-friendly and compatible customer support desk
  • Ensuring delivery of quality data capture services within a short time frame
  • Encouraging NDA pact and safeguarding the data through excellent data security measures
  • Flexible and cost-effective model of outsourcing data capture services
  • Helping you to eliminate the occupancy of physical space with effectual conversion
  • Using advanced ICR and OCR technologies to boost the process of data capture or document imaging
  • Utilizing proven techniques to capture information

Outsource the data capture services to our efficient team!

We capture the data from the following sources:

  • Research forms
  • Survey forms
  • Checks
  • Images
  • Health records
  • Bills
  • Questionnaire
  • Business cards
  • Charts
  • Web
  • Birth records or municipal records
  • Scanned invoices, and much more

If you wish to explore our outsourcing data capture service and enhance your business growth, feel free to contact us at [email protected]