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With the expansion of the global marketplace, there has been a stiff competition amongst every industrial vertical including a mortgage. This has given a new shape and challenges to mortgage loan processing.

Offshore India Data Entry has become the talk of the town with its outstanding offering of mortgage loan processing services. From the initial stage of loan application approval to the closing of loan, the comprehensive processing procedure is a time-consuming and labor-intensified process. The dedicated team at our offshore office is well-prepared and specialized in helping you to combat such demanding in-house activity.

“Precise Tools, Innovatory Technology, Masterly Mortgage Assistants”

Since the past 7+ years, our ardent team has been working with the globally-settled mortgage lenders and we have fruitfully pacified to their processing support demands to accomplish the mortgage lifecycle.

Prominent Mortgage Loan Processing Services Offered by us:

  • •  Collecting the documents – The prime reason that causes a delay in the procedure of mortgage processing is the irrelevant collection of the mortgage documents. We ensure that the complete process of mortgage-related document collection is executed within a shorter time frame. We also assist in preparing the loan estimates. Precisely, we will help you to collect certain documents such as:
    • a)  Bank statements
    • b)  Mortgage or pension statements
    • c)  Insurance documents of the homeowner, and much more

  • •  Reviewing the documents – We review all the mortgage-related loan and documents to ensure that they comply with the federal and state laws. The documents undergo robust reviewing process during the complete procedure of document preparation. We effortlessly deliver numerous mortgage loan processed documents on a daily basis.

  • •  Credit scoring – Our credit scoring support solutions help you to create strategic business decisions. We execute a perfect and in-depth credit check of the following:
    • a)  Social security status
    • b)  Pre-screening credentials
    • c)  Credit reports
    • d)  Tax returns
    • e)  Other existing loans

  • •  Appraisal ordering – Our team coordinates with the approved appraisers so as to order for the right kind of appraisal after offering the required information to the appraiser. It is followed by the reviewing of the fee charged for the services done. Selecting the appropriate appraisal depends on the loan amount, etc.

  • •  Verification – The last phase of our services include the verification process. In order to validate the credentials of prospective borrowers, our team executes a challenging verification check on all the significant documentation.

Why Outsource to Offshore India Data Entry?

  1. 1.  We possess 6+ years of successful experience in the global outsourcing market
  2. 2.  Offering the perfectly organized service to automate the loan processes, thus, enhancing efficiency and productivity
  3. 3.  A team of professional and experienced employees possessing ardent skills in mortgage and foreclosure industry
  4. 4.  Being your cost-effective offshore partner and providing enhanced ways for your mortgage business growth
  5. 5.  Flexible pricing and services even during the market change scenario
  6. 6.  Better risk management and delivery of quality services within a short time

Offshore India Data Entry would be the perfect choice for you to accomplish the well-designed mortgage loan processing services. For further inquiry, drop a mail at [email protected]