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Better Design with Better Services

To construct flawless building plan, architect, interior designers, contractor, project manager all need reliable and accurate architectural design.

Offshore Outsourcing services is highly dedicated to provide high quality architectural design, drawing, presentation and planning to any kind of buildings, be it commercial, residential or industrial. We have a pool of expertise that can handle the whole process of architectural design and offer you the best services.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide high quality, round the clock and accurate architectural service.

Our architectural services include (not limited to)

Document Construction
We create optimum drawing that aid, contractor, builders and other people involved in construction.

CAD Drafting
We provide reliable and cost effective CAD drafting solution to streamline the whole process it involve.

2D CAD Drafting
2D CAD drafting service is design in a manner to help engineer, architect and to smooth the process of designing.

3D Rendering
High quality 3D model from offshore, give you comprehensive visualization of building with minute detail of texturing.

Advantages of outsourcing Architectural Design, Architectural Services to us

    There are tremendous advantages to take architectural service from us.

  • Highly reduction in cost of preparing drawing, draft, model and presentation to a great extent.
  • We will take care of security of all data confined to us from client's identity to whole description of project.
  • Well trained and dedicated team to handle the whole cycle of project.
  • We are committed to provide you detailed, accurate and high quality drawing.
  • Using latest technology and software, we can create highly attractive visualization and animation.
  • Rapid Turnaround that will save time to great extent.
  • Round the clock, accurate and highly affordable service.

To know more details, Contact us or send your requirements at [email protected]