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Product Data Entry Services

The eCommerce business is emerging tremendously worldwide and this has sprung to the massive need for product data entry outsourcing. Offshore India Data Entry is the world-recognized offshore service provider of product data entry services, delivered at a reasonable cost.

To boost the efficiency of an eCommerce business, it is important to keep a business website up-to-date and ensure that it stays ahead of the market competition. eCommerce stores require a successful ‘Product Information Management’, which is necessary for its smoother functioning.

The professionals at Offshore India Data Entry are well-versed in offering accurate and precise product data entry services to the numerous eCommerce retailers.

The leading product data entry services offered at Offshore India Data Entry are:

eCommerce product data entry

Product data entry is a significant aspect of every eCommerce and retail-based business.

  • Keeping the website up-to-date with factual information
  • Unique product descriptions
  • Adding the new products
  • Adding the categories
  • Ensuring flexible pricing
  • Easy availability
  • Making the content search-engine friendly

eCommerce product data mining

With the assistance of our product data mining service, our team ensures to capture the relevant and factual pricing and other essential details of products.

  • Details are fetched from various sources such as the website of competitors or suppliers
  • Extracting data for product images as well as descriptions from the online sources, PDF documents, catalogs, and spreadsheets

eCommerce catalog conversion

Converting the printed catalogs into an electronic version is a crucial aspect involved in every eCommerce business.

  • Including targeted and specific product-related data to your eCommerce website
  • Aiming to grab the attention of potential and existing customers
  • Indexing and updating the content associated with product descriptions
  • Content should be persuasive enough to convince the customers in purchasing a product

eCommerce catalog indexing and developing

Apart from digitizing the catalogs, indexing and creating a database for the eCommerce products is a major function of product data entry services.

  • Building a high-functional database
  • Applying the significant product codes
  • Systematically streamlining the categories and sub-categories
  • Implementing an accurate catalog content management system
  • Generating peculiar coding techniques

Updating product data

If you have an eCommerce business, it is of utmost importance to update the product information displayed on the website.

  • Adding the product details to the eCommerce website
  • Updating the existing information from time-to-time
  • Product details such as feature or price aren’t constant, hence, you need to keep an update

Product categorization

Categorizing the products is an advantage as it helps the customers to get easy access for a product.

  • Helping our clients to divide and place the products into varied categories and sub-categories based on their range
  • Facilitating the clients to cross-sell other related items

Product data sourcing

Our dedicated team at Offshore India Data Entry, successfully accumulates the details of a product for convincing the customer to buy a product.

  • Gathering data from websites or brochures
  • Gathering data from various physical/printed catalogs
  • Gathering essential data from digitized catalogs

Reasons to choose ‘Offshore India Data Entry’

  • 1. Making the ultimate use of the advanced eCommerce techniques
  • 2. Active 24*7 chat support and assistance
  • 3. Quick and accurate product data entry services
  • 4. Competitive pricing policy
  • 5. User-friendly interface
  • 6. Enhanced search engine ranking result
  • 7. Excellent data security policy
  • 8. Organized workflow
  • 9. Resources can be scaled up/down, depending on the client’s requirement
  • 10. Commendable content and SEO support

To get a further overview of our outsourcing product data entry services, contact us or drop a mail at [email protected]