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Document Scanning Services

In present internet era, the technology revolutionized the way the organization deals with clients, there is a tremendous change from eliminating paper document to online operations. When vital information of your organization is cornered in paper, growth and productivity of organization affected. When the documents are scanned and converted into digital forms the organization will enjoy easy and fact access of information.
Offshore India Data Entry is a leading Document Scanning Service provider in India. We provide best outsourcing Document Scanning services and help you business to improve production performance and revenues. We are renowned professionals in providing document scanning services for projects that require accurate, high quality outputs in a quick turnaround time. We use advanced tools and procedures to provide you high quality images and coded data and thus enabling fast search and accurate recovery of file. We also offer customized services to meet the unique requirements of each project. If our business organization need document scanning services especially paper to digital conversion services to make your business functions and process in easy digital form, Offshore India Data Entry company can help you well.

Offshore India Data Entry provides document scanning and data entry services to a wide range of companies. We can handle large scale to small scale conversion of your paper documents. We use state-of-the-art technology with the latest powerful scanners and an expert team. Our document scanning service is suited for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR scanning.

Document Scanning and its benefits

Document scanning is the procedure of scanning paper documents and converting them to digital images. After conversion they will be stored on CD, DVD etc. The main advantage of Document scanning service is that it reduces storage space that is required for storing paper documents and thus it will make document locating and accessing more easily. Document scanning service will help you to get rid from the use of Photocopy, fax, and mail transport. Document Scanning services helps you in saving your time and costs. The process of document scanning practiced at Offshore India Data Entry involves, proper Labeling of the documents profiling is done to ensure easy retrieval of data, saving the documents to the serve rare organized in folder structures that best suit your organization, scanning documents into the system documents are first organized and oriented properly. They are then scanned into the system

Benefits of our Document Scanning services

  • Provide conversion of any type of documents such as receipts, manuals, handwritten notes, legal files, records, images,accounting sheets etc
  • Provide rendering of the scanned documents in any format such as, TIFF, PDF or JPEG
  • Offer both color and black & white scanning services
  • Provide both automatic and manual indexing document scanning services
  • Provide full-text OCR indexing
  • Scan documents of sizes from A0 to A8, full scape, legal etc

Document Scanning process at Offshore India Data Entry

  • After receiving paper documents from clients, we organize the documents in a predefined manner for quick and accurate document scanning process
  • Using high speed flatbed scanners we scan your paper documents
  • Quality assurance team will make sure that the scanned documents are of high quality and accuracy.
  • After Quality Assurance, the digitized documents will be reorganized again for easy retrieval.

Our Document Scanning services include:

  • Paper Scanning
  • Micro graphics migration to digital formats
  • Engineering Drawing Scanning
  • Film Slides
  • Rare Documents

Please Contact us for your document scanning requirements or send your online requirements at [email protected]