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Title Search Service

Offshore India Data Entry has a commendable years of experience in offering the extraordinary and consistent mortgage title search services. To maintain the property title details, our dedicated team of employees ensures to follow a systematized and linear approach.

“Developing title insurance and meticulous examining of titles”

A title search is an inspection performed on all the financial responsibilities including the property in the deal. Through the inculcation of our mortgage title search services, we will help you to develop an appropriate decision on a property deal.

The title search services comprise:

  • •   Ordering the title report
  • •   Analyzing the financial implications of a loan
  • •   Organizing transfer of property rights
  • •   Acquiring mortgage policies (if required)

Our Top Services under Title Search Services are:

  • 1.   Title Order – We are professionals at accomplishing the title report of a property. It includes:
    •         a) Obtaining certain details of title company from loan officers
    •         b) Ordering the title report
    •         c) Keeping a consistent communication with the title company until you receive the report
    •         d) Recording the title details into customer’s profile
    •         e) Receiving the title information in a streamlined manner

  • 2. Title Review – We execute an effectual examination of the property title to safeguard your business from the         fraudulent activities existing in the property sale.
    •         a) Examining the history of ownership
    •         b) Property purchase timeline
    •         c) Verifying the accuracy of report
    •         d) Minimizing the risks related with the transfer of title
    •         e) Checking for the issues that have a bearing on the property transaction such as taxes, legal claims, etc.

  • 3. Title Commitment – In general terms, a title commitment is a report which is gained from the title company, once         the title search is completed. The report mentions out certain conditions for the insurance of a property title.
    •         a) Identifying and removing the various defects found out during the process of title examining
    •         b) Ensuring that the transaction is closed together by the lender, seller, and buyer
    •         c) Enabling the mortgage companies to concentrate on the revenue generating tasks

  • 4. Title Insurance – Require title insurance? We will obtain it on your behalf! The title insurance assures the safety         of property even after it gets sold out.
    •         a) Offering the finest support solutions to accomplish all the title insurance demands

  • 5. Closing Service – It includes the data collection pertaining to the mortgage title search services such as title         commitment report, commission fees, etc.
    •         a) Maintaining the customer records in a better way
    •         b) Successfully enhancing the speed of the mortgage underwriting process

REO Report Services

Apart from offering the well-executed title search services, Offshore India Data Entry provides a high-quality enriching and specialized REO Report Services to the brokers and agents. An REO broker has to go through multiple pressure that comes up with the management of REO operations. And to simplify the challenges, our dedicated team is all set to serve you with qualified benefits.

Our REO Report Services include:

  • • REO reimbursement service
  • • REO valuation service
  • • REO administrative service
  • • Customized REO Report generation and solutions

Why should you outsource mortgage title search services to Offshore India Data Entry?

  • 1. Easy access to a team of expert professionals of the title transfer process
  • 2. Executing a consistent quality check to obtain accuracy of title information
  • 3. Quick, economical, and organized mortgage title search services
  • 4. Offering a complete range of security and protection of the lender and buyer rights
  • 5. Utilizing the automated process to optimize the efficiency of your mortgage process

Want to streamline your mortgage title search services and REO report services? Get our dedicated service by dropping your query at [email protected]