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The future of books is none other than e-books

Electronic publishing or e publishing portrays the digital publication of the paper versions of books and magazines as known as e-books, e-zines, e-pubs and also contributing to the growth of digital libraries and e-catalogs.

Due to the immense development of electronic technologies, people all over the world have now become dependent on such gadgets that reduce their effort and ease their work. From shopping to chatting, since everything is now computerized why not shift our attention to the books. Books, magazines, journals all are now available in the screen and with just mouse clicks one can turn the pages. Life is easy when you have your favorite book in your pocket! From text books to monthly magazines, from encyclopedias to story books all can fit in the bookshelves of the e-library.

The metamorphism

The electronic publishing process is entirely different from the traditional processes. The main differences lie in the following points:

  • No need to include an offset printing press which is required to manually print the final product through various machines.
  • No complications in distribution of the final product among mass.

Distribution is one of the key reasons for digitizing the paper works. The product can be made viral over internet and any number of copies can be accessed in such electronic bookstores. The reader just needs to visit the online library or store download the product or buy it and then he or she can easily enjoy reading the product in times of wish. Carrying the book is not required and since everybody carries their tablet or laptop, the favorite book is traveled with it. The main platform of reading the products is applications on tablet device or PDF readers in computers and smartphones.

The technical aspects for such services

Due to the rapid increase in the production of apps, distributing the content has been easier and hence more popular due to adoption of smartphones by a greater portion of the consumers. Nowadays, using HTML5 for creating web apps which can run on any server is a popular concept of electronically distribution of the e-books. Also XML tags can be used to define the content and also metadata to describe them in different search engines. The use of style sheets along with tags and metadata has contributed to the re-flow able content which can adapt to different platforms in different types of electronic devices.

The main advantages

E-pub is an abbreviation for electronic publication. It is referred to the free and open e-book standard approved by the International Digital Publishing Forum. The e-pub Services are designed for re-flow able content which indicates that an e-pub reader can optimize the required text in any particular device supporting the e-pub. Due to this it succeeds the standard of open e-books.

The files produced by e-pub Services have an extension of e-pub and the format is envisioned as a complete single format in which publishers and conversion houses can use it in- house and also for the distribution and sale of the products.

The authors and publishers get the opportunity to format and convert the text files into e-pub. Since the e-pub provides one format for all conversions, popular online book stores also use the services for publishing and marketing the products in a much organized and efficient manner.

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