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Medical Billing Data Entry

Offshore India Data Entry has an incredible professional experience in executing the medical billing data entry services with the delivery of reliable results. The medical industry has become one of the busiest industrial sectors across the globe. A lot of challenging practices such as medical billing, medical coding, etc are on a drastic rise. And this has emerged the concept of medical billing outsourcing.

The team at Offshore India Data Entry is composed of a circle of experienced and proficient data entry operators who ensures cost-effective and flawless medical data entry services.

Our team acquires the ability to digitize the bulk of clinical data with a consistent focus on the quality of the output. The medical data entry might require the need for inputting details pertaining to patient, treatment, insurance, claim data, medical diagnosis, a remark by doctors, prescriptions, and much more.

The foremost medical billing data entry services offered by our dedicated team includes:

  • Billing details – Successfully entering the billing details into a specified format is one of the significant steps in the process of medical billing data entry. Our experienced team of data entry operators effectively enter all the billing data and patient-associated information into the billing software or the format prescribed by the client. The information is verified and authenticated before it is entered and stored in a specific format.
  • Patient demographics – Patient data plays a critical role in the streamlining of workflow within the healthcare sector. We blend the elements of contemporary technologies and skilled manpower or valuable resources to gather patient data. The process is followed by inputting the patient data and the information data into a streamlined medical billing system. We make sure to organize and maintain the details of each patient securely.
  • Assigning the charges – We perform the medical billing charge entry process with the creation of a new patient account. Our employees ensure to capture the essential data from input coded documents and files into the account of patients.

Other specialized services include:

  • Medical data entry from hospital records
  • Image record data entry
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Medical insurance claim form data entry
  • Payment posting

Why choose Offshore India Data Entry for your medical billing data entry services?

  • Helping you to divert the focus on giving quality care to the patients
  • Easing the process of medical records management
  • Offering enhanced data security measures to preserve the data confidentiality
  • Using the advanced set of medical billing software to execute precise and error-free medical billing data entry
  • Possessing an experienced team of medical coding and medical data entry specialists
  • Delivering the final outcome within the client-specified time frame
  • Offering a customized package for medical billing data entry services

To get more details regarding for outsourcing our medical billing data entry services, drop us an email at [email protected]