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Today, the sector of BPO outsourcing is booming up tremendously as a lot of industries are taking the initiative to outsource their various needs. Offshore India Data Entry is the perfect place, wherein your industry can meet all sorts of outsourcing requirements at a reasonable rate.

Every industry faces major benefits on outsourcing their small yet essential tasks. The advantages include a massive cost reduction, ability to focus on the core business, utilizing the best resources and sophisticated technology, and gaining the output from experienced professionals.

With the help of the contemporary technologies and the latest available software, we have successfully catered to the requirements of all our valued clients, belonging to the various verticals.


We offer a wide range of customized BPO services for various enterprises belonging to the finance sector. Our trained experts will assist you to enhance your financial environment via better cash flow management, improved receivables, accurate reporting, and increased revenue cycle. These improvements ultimately create a huge positive effect on the revenue growth of your firm. We cover various aspects of finance such as retail banking, insurance, mortgage, personal banking, commercial banking, and much more.

  • Check processing
  • Credit card operations
  • Loan processing and underwriting
  • Loan closing, funding, and servicing
  • Investment research
  • Customer service
  • Data management
  • Detecting fraud activities
  • Claim management
  • Foreclosure entry
  • Mortgage claim processing
  • Deed entry
  • Title search and REO reports
  • Customer retention
  • Document management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer database management
  • Cost saving tracking
  • Tax accounting
  • Loyalty program management
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Journal entries

Along with the other essential industries, even the healthcare sector is dealing with a bulk amount of data, which is consuming the valuable time of the healthcare professionals. To avoid such complications, we assist them with their requirements regarding data handling, reducing the costs of medical management, monitoring the governance control, and much more. Our services encompass of:

  • Medical billing and coding
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Market research and survey
  • Order processing and tracking
  • Healthcare claim settlement
  • Charge entry process
  • Medical record indexing process
  • Launching product and promotions
  • Customer service
  • Lead generation
  • Healthcare check-up forms
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Data conversion
  • Document scanning

The e-commerce sector has been gaining a wide prominence in the society due to the increasing number of online shopping portals. But it is more prone to cutthroat competition and market saturation. We offer the best dialectal support as per the needs of our clients (English, French, or Spanish). E-commerce has established as the best alternative to the traditional retail methods. We help the clients who face the challenges such as the seasonal sales, resolving the customer complaints, or data security concerns.

  • E-mail campaigns
  • E-commerce product data entry
  • Technical, and application support
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Order taking and tracking
  • Claim management
  • Promotional calls
  • Product registration forms
  • Pre-sale support
  • Electronic billing
  • Catalog processing
  • Transaction processing
  • Check processing
  • Image editing
  • Market research and survey

Though the photographers capture the images in the best form, they often face a challenge in adding a polish or a final touch with the help of the latest software. This leads to the generation of an incomplete image. We cater our image editing services to the various sections, wherein photography plays a vital role, such as publishing houses, photo studios, logo designing firms, portrait/printing studios, real estate organizations, or the corporate firms.

  • Image background removal
  • Image enhancement
  • Photo restoration
  • Photo manipulation
  • Real estate image processing
  • Portrait services
  • Electronic document management
  • Real estate virtual tour
  • Color cast removal
  • Wedding image editing
  • Photo clipping path
  • Jewelry photo editing

In terms of the gross revenue and the foreign exchange earnings, the travel industry is considered to be the largest service sector across the globe. We will help you to develop creative and strategic business model and will focus on achieving the operational excellence. We will also help you with generating enhanced conversion rates and return on investments. Our excellent customer support will increase the consumer confidence and we will ensure to resolve your problem within the desired time.

  • Travel claim form processing
  • Customer service
  • Billing
  • Loyalty program management
  • Sales and reservations
  • Service coupon invoices
  • Web research
  • Support for market research
  • Image editing of various travel destinations
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods

TThe consumer goods industry is one of the largest and highly growing economic sectors across the world. It has resulted in the rapid expansion of the purchasing power of the e-commerce industries. We help the consumer goods manufacturers and resellers to divert their concentration towards the core services and to reduce the operational cost for the non-core tasks.

  • Order processing
  • Order tracking
  • Market research
  • Claim management
  • Customer service
  • Product/Service promotion
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Lead generation
  • Product data entry
  • Catalog processing
  • Enhancement of customer list
  • Database building
  • Generation of electronic bills
  • Transaction processing
Real Estate

The BPO service sector has created a huge positive impact on the economy of the real estate vertical. The real estate industry goes through numerous fluctuations from time to time. When you decide to outsource your REO listings and other back office works, it will improve your productivity and will save a large amount of your valuable time.

  • Title search and REO listings
  • Deed entry
  • Mortgage claim processing
  • Mortgage form processing
  • Foreclosure entry and processing
  • Loan processing
  • Mortgage underwriting process
  • Real estate sky change
  • Real estate HDR photo editing
  • Real estate photo stitching
  • Real estate photo retouching
  • Real estate image blending
Real Estate

Most of the law firms and legal counsels are adopting the means of outsourcing, so as to survive in the market due to the healthy and stiff competition. We assist the corporate legal departments, law companies, legal counselors, and other law related establishments, by offering higher flexibility, minimizing the operational costs, increasing the efficiency, and ensuring the delivery of cost-effective services.

  • Legal procedure research
  • Legal data entry service
  • Legal transcription
  • New claim processing
  • Claim settlement
  • Contract management
  • Litigation support
  • Title check
  • Mortgage re-financing legal processing
  • Bookkeeping and billing
  • Data analysis and management