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With the growing number of businesses, the number of employees is also increasing. It’s getting tough and time taking for companies to maintain their updated address. Service of Address validation is to cope up these problems and help delivering the mails at appropriate address so the non&345;delivery of mail items can be reduced. All this will enable companies to save money and time too. Too much of cash is wasted on printing and postage of employee wages to incorrect address.

According to reports given by post offices 33% of all addresses remain incorrect. Marriage, Divorce, Mergers, Restructuring and user’s mistake can be the reason for incorrect address. The Delivery Point Validation is used for address validation by labeling the record on mail which helps in the accessing of other information about the dispatch done. For all the separate files are maintained for the existing data should not be lost. In this way the non-delivered mails information will be retrieved and the cause of it will be known and money will be saved.

Cass processed addresses can also be qualified for postal discounts by ensuring that all new address entries are valid and complete. This service will boost confidence in the continued integrity of your database. It is a distinctive address entry verification service capable of checking and correcting the addresses. Our Address Validation is a great support for your web browser.

It is possible to structure, complete, correct and validate the address information with Address Validation service provided by us. It makes use of the all–around accepted XML standard and is highly interactive as complete communication is done over the Internet. Software that is required to generate the address validation is located and maintained on AND servers in order to keep the data always up to date. Some of our Address Validation services are following:

Offshore India Data Entry - Expertise in following services because of:

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  • Our tools are perfectly designed to extract data from both of the pages, whether it’s a Static or a Dynamic page.
  • Enables remote, online address structuring.
  • Completion, correction and validation of all addresses.
  • Enables the online validation of address inputs ensuring the storage of accurate address information.

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