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Stock Photo Editing
We induce photographs that touch-ups which raise your brand in process you can even see, hold and estimate

Do you have bunch of photographs or images with which you are not glad at all? Are you looking for a model’s portfolio retouching services? Do you already have cluster of old sets of pictures or images which are in need of restoration? Then you are at the right place. We, at, Offshore India data entry can help you out regarding this matter with utmost sincerity and clarity. We offer stock photography that are licensed photographs and are commonly utilized for the purpose of particular creative as well as designing assignments. You need not to be worried about. Stock Photo Editing is available in affordable cost at Offshore India data entry.

Why you need Stock Photo editing services?

Editing and developing or retouching stock images are a time consuming work. If you are in need for a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing company, then we can surely help you out in this matter. You can outsource your stock image or picture editing and retouching job to us, we at, Offshore India data entry can assist you to save your precious time, investment, labour and other resources, at the same time getting excellent results. At Offshore India we have a team possessed high skill in this regards. Our team of graphic editors and designers not only good enough at retouching and editing your real estate pictures but also improving your photographs in accordance with your particular needs. We bring incredible outcome within your required time frame. When you outsource your photographs or pictures to us, we start editing several factors on your pictures without making any unnecessary delay and make it ready to be shown on the stock picture website. We have worked with several photographers and different small, medium and large agencies with our error-free real estate stock photo editing and retouching services across the globe.

A bunch of stock photo editing services offering by Offshore India data entry are:

  • Deleting of noise
  • Deleting or removing of spots or marks, blemishes and dust
  • Deleting logo and trademarks
  • Deleting unnecessary objects
  • Correction of colors
  • Adjusting the curves
  • Correction of brightness and contrast
  • Correcting the chromatic aberration
  • Improving lighting effects
  • Eliminating or reducing heavy shadows
  • Cleaning dots, spots, marks, or debris
  • Eliminating or deleting sensor marks

Why select us for Stock Photo editing requirement?

We have been providing cent percent satisfied service to our wide ranges of clients across the globe. We are one of the well-known outsourcing companies in India. We lead many of our clients that provide us stock image retouching and editing services. We at, Offshore India data entry have an excellent track record of providing effective photo retouching and editing services within the minimum turnaround time.

Offshore India data entry serves the subsequent needs

Standard processing: We commonly try to attain and to focus for the purpose of the pictures sent by your clients, such as, balance of colors, reduction of noise, exposure, sharpness, and other little adjustment.

Photographs cleaning and cropping: This job is a standard procedure and cleaning of the image background of the pictures. We can detach a forefront object from your background picture, modify the color or alter the background in the entire image.

Retouching images: We can change of modify the shape of the image body, work out especial hair and retouch the stock pictures very effectually.

Rejuvenation of images: We can restore a picture that has overlooked.

We help you to compete with your competitors and assist you to rise above them. We assure you quality work and help you to enhance your business competency and productivity. Offshore India data entry is an outstanding IT enabled service provider in India offering exceptional services to different clientele much of them are satisfied beyond their expectations.

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