Electronic document processing can improve your productivity and efficiency significantly. If you can integrate the document management system into your business system, it is the most efficient way of managing day to day affairs and complex documents in a way that can enhance business intelligence. It lets you scan your invoices and post to the respective modules of sales and accounts at one go which reduces the need for manual input of this information at various departments. A competent Document Management Outsourcing Services provider helps your organization to seamlessly digitize your documents and integrate it with your business intelligence system.

Plan the Integration

The very first step involved in any type of integration is planning. You need to plan your integration of Document Management System with your Business Intelligence System in detail. Offshore Outsourcing Services will provide you the details of the planned integration, the processes involved, the inputs expected, their sources and the outputs delivered. This gives a clear-cut idea of what goes in, from where and what comes out between the DMS and BIS systems. It also makes sure that your organizational requirements are met with efficiently which will help increase your productivity and improve the competency of your resources.

Understand the formats

When digitizing the documents, it is important to understand the formats in which these documents will be made available to your organization. Some needs to be stored and used as images while some others need to be stored as text for processing purposes. ICR and other special scanning devices may be required for offshore document management processing which the outsourcing partner will have complete access to. This simplifies the digitization process. Once digitized, they need to be made available in a format which is accepted by the BIS currently in use. Document conversion is done by the outsourcing partner to ensure compatibility of the deliverables with the BIS. The BIS will use this additional information to provide better outputs such as Management Reports which will compile more information now made available in the digital format.

Integrating electronic communications

The digitized documents are not only used for information processing and BIS. They are also used for communications. When you have a DMS in place, you can make sure that it is well-integrated with the communication system also by way of emails and faxes. This way, a single point of entry for the documents will ensure data security, consistency and reliability while it will be made available to the entire organization for various business purposes.


Overall Benefits

Integrating DMS into the BIS is an efficient way of using information in all formats and technology in an optimal way. The document management services India provide the information to the right uses only by setting up a hierarchy of uses and authorities who can access the electronic documents stored in various formats. From invoices and bills to legal contracts and payslips, the DMS will capture every element of documentation required in the organization in the digital format. With a digital DMS, the organization not only saves on the physical storage required for storing the humungous volumes of documents required in the organization but also benefits from the valuable information and intelligence it provides to the management.