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A carrier provides a legal document to the shipper, known as the Bill of Lading (BOL or BL). This cargo bill contains details upon quantity, destination, and type of the goods carried. A Bill of Lading also acts as a shipment receipt when the carrier delivers the products at a predetermined destination. This document must go with the shipped products regardless of the form of transportation. An authorized representative from the carrier, shipper, as well as receiver, should sign the Bill of Lading.

Importance of Outsourcing BOL documents in Shipping Logistics

The reliance on outsourcing bill of lading documentation in the shipping logistics industry has been crucial in streamlining processes. It also highly reduces their operational expenses. The improved productivity is the added benefit. This has been possible due to distinct workflows by adepts and advanced technology in diverse shipping documentation processes.


The huge reduction in processing times and the emergence of logistics BPO services is a result of swift quick turnaround times and great accuracy of the outsourcing service provider. As a result, these process aspects improve quick carrier performance, make certain the delivery of goods to the responsive destinations in a time-bound manner, and precisely acknowledge receipt of shipment cargo.


Outsourcing bill of lading processing ensures goods are transported across international waters with correct and precise details in logistics management. The elements of the document include goods quantity, type, as well as the destination of goods being carried. These elements have to be error-free. Outsourcing can help to achieve this. An outsourcing service provider can help.

Optimize Bill of Lading

Due to its high dependency and importance, companies have found logistics BPO services an optimum solution. A solution for issues concerning bill of lading and management. An external helping hand of an outsourcing provider with freight bill management makes sure the complete process is well handled. Outsourcing saves capital and time. A service provider can also help address several other process-related issues while minimizing errors. Around 65% of shippers outsource their warehousing activities to third-party logistics outsourcing service provider.

Benefits of Outsourcing BOL Documentation

  • For On-time Document Processing & Quality Data Management


Logistics operations need a lot of paperwork including bill of lading, load verification documents, permits, shipping documents, and freight bills. Processing these documents that require several human and technology resources becomes real labor-intensive work.


Outsourcing logistics invoice processing and invoice data entry help manage operations better. It also helps to meet the time-bound targets. To record, digitize, and process the documents, a high level of care and accuracy is needed. outsourcing logistics BPO services can help to achieve the same.


  • Enhance Accuracy and Operational Visibility


The main reason for outsourcing logistics services is to efficiently manage core operations and have accurate and quality data. Date entry is a type of back-office function that is often scheduled or overlooked for spare time. This can affect the quality.


Whereas, if you choose to outsource, you can assure the quality. Experts handle logistics invoice processing and logistics invoice data entry, management.�So, the outcome will be with utmost accuracy for sure.


  • For Faster Billing and Quicker Payment


Carrier companies expect a quick payment, once they deliver your goods. Outsourcing can fasten the process of payment and bills. The experts make sure overcharges, incorrect amounts, freight rates, double billing, and overdue invoices are avoided.


Once your bill provides accurate information, you can proceed to payments on time. This also helps to manage revenue streams and cash flow efficiently.


  • To Reduce Labor and Administrative Costs


Outsourcing logistics back-office functions such as�invoice processing is repetitive and time-consuming. You don’t need to hire permanent employees for invoice data entry and bill processing.


Just submit these responsibilities to your outsourcing partner. Your potential results will be at lower prices and cut operating costs by up to 30%.


  • Improve Overall Customer Services


You can improve customer experience by optimizing bill of lading processes with the help of logistics outsourcing services. Here bills are accurately processed and paper works are carefully digitalized and your customers will become happy when the shipments are delivered within time.


Logistics shipments and processes becoming accurate and timely. This will foster a healthy relationship with your customers and as a result, enhance satisfaction.

Bill of Lading is essential for shipment processes. It protects all parties involved in this delivery layout. Accurate bill processing starts by working with a trusted outsourcing company. Offshore India Data Entry is one of the top-notch outsourcing service providers that ensure cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and timeliness. Drop us a mail at [email protected]

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