Spreadsheets are used in� every organization� for lots of purposes. The program can calculate, sort and analyze data to understand how the business is functioning. Within business content,spreadsheet are used in a numerous way to store data, and� analysis data .

Spreadsheet is undoubtedly user-friendly and revolutionized the era of digital world. But sometimes merit of user-friendly� spreadsheet could result in vulnerable to data or could result in nightmare for organization as per security is concern.� “Spreadsheet error can have� a tangible� impact on companies ranging from loss revenue, or in poor decision making or sometime lead to financial failure”,� according to the European spreadsheet risk intern group, a global research for spread sheet risk management.

secure spreadsheetIn a latest� survey conducted by Forrester Research, only 11 percent of 150 IT decision makers surveyed said they provide an alternative to Microsoft Office. In the words of J�rgen Schmechel, owner of capitalize – IT, a Sydney� based consultancy� specializing in spreadsheet auditing,� “Excel is an excellent business tool, but it� still require careful auditing, particularly as the complexity of spreadsheet increases. By following best practices for spreadsheet use, whether Microsoft excel or an alternative, many problems can be prevented, he added.

Here are Top 5 Tips how to keep Spreadsheet Secure

  • Underline Parameter For Use

In a big enterprises, complex spreadsheet usually involve� several departments and designing a reliable effective templates for� different process is mandatory. Organization can avoid common error of version mistake or wrong people access by mapping requirement for spreadsheet use up font.

  • Optimum Audit

To keep the spreadsheet secure, identify the spreadsheet� which� is important� within your organization and if multiple departments are involved� “logical handover process for spreadsheet ” will be beneficial .

  • Don’t Just rely on password protection

This is one of the vital aspect to keep in mind. Security features such as password protection, hiding and protecting sheets can be easily bypass. There are lot of software available in market through which password can easily be hacked, giving light to this fact, more attention should be pay toward password protection and keeping files safe.

  • Determine Sharing Requirement

For best possible security, make a difference between two spreadsheet designed exclusively for internal and external use, and ensure that vital and confidential data is not present in documents designed for third party service.

  • Make Best Use Of document management

Before sharing an document with any third party user,� perform necessary cross checking, approval processes and other step to ensure� the spreadsheet is secure.