Physical storage of information is expensive and not easily accessible when needed. So, scanning these documents will definitely free up the valuable storage space. When organizations go with outsourcing this critical task, they should check with multiple options to ensure the confidentiality of this critical information. Data security should never be compromised by any document management service provider. The organizations can check following points before sharing their physical documents with any outsourcing firm to ensure confidentiality.

Confidentiality Agreement

The outsourcing firm should have a confidentiality agreement to ensure the confidentiality of documents. This document should contain a detailed description of the people and processes involved in handling the documents which can contain tasks like physical storage location of the paper documents, disposal of documents, handling potential security threats.

Background Check

One of the major criteria to have a secure environment is to have a group of trained personnel who will be responsible for maintaining customer data security. They should adhere to the guidelines provided by the organization. They should not use CDs, floppies, pen drives and personal laptops within the office premises. The organizations should work with those service providers who have already done a thorough background check of all the employees otherwise they may use confidential business information for fraud or other criminal purposes.

Document Destruction Method �

Once the documents have been scanned through a proper document scanning process, the next step is to destroy the documents. The service providers should have a well-defined destruction equipment to achieve this task. Companies that do not have such equipment can be considered as a danger partner to work with as they throw out the unwanted documents to public waste sites. It will create a potential threat to the outsourcing organizations as it is difficult to figure out the consequences of these publicly exposed data. There are many service providers who return back the physical copy of documents once those are scanned.

Site Security

Companies implement stringent security measures at every level including the site security. Site security can be ensured by having a security team, electronic security doors to enable restricted access, surveillance cameras to monitor the offices, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms.

Network Security

Network security is must to ensure the confidentiality of scanned documents. Offshore document scanning services protect their network by having security policies in place for network access and passwords, having firewalls and the latest versions of antivirus software, enabling password protection on all levels, changing passwords on a regular basis, and daily backup of documents.

The best record management services provider invests time and resources to stay one step ahead of onlookers eager to get a peek at the secrets. It is actually a continual process that requires dedication and determination. Companies which do not upgrade themselves with technological innovation and digital security systems place their clients at considerable risk to experience a data breach.

When everything comes together, the outsourced company can create multiple layers of security that will ensure the confidentiality of the documents. These security layers create a warm blanket that insulates corporate secrets and confidential information from unwanted intrusions. When everything is tightly locked, one can ensure the information they contain will remain confidential.

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