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Growing your business amid the rising global business competition isn�t an easy-to-do activity. This calls for the need to implement virtual assistant services. With the expansion of the internet world, every business organization has been offering the facility of executing the services from home. Such a concept is known as a virtual assistant.

Most of the outsourcing companies render the finest virtual assistant services to help their clients deal with the critical business complexities. Commonly known as general virtual assistants, they act as your office secretaries, with the only difference that they work remotely. As most of the firms lack the time to keep up with the administrative works or back-office tasks, hiring a virtual assistant service provider can be of a greater benefit. They will help you to manage the business emails, calendar, setting the meeting appointments, business reports, and so on.


Before you get into the process of hiring a virtual assistant, let�s take a quick look at the different types of Virtual Assistants.

1. Virtual Research Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant, preferably from a reputed outsourcing company can help you to execute the research work in a hassle-free way. The virtual research assistant will aid you to carry out the research work, including internet research or web research for the clients in an effective manner. They will help you with the following responsibilities, mentioned below.


  • Collecting and merging the varied business data
  • Executing competitive intelligence
  • Helping you to analyze the pricing policies of your competitors
  • Displaying the data in a readable format
  • Finding the crucial statistics based on your business

2. Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media has become a crucial part of a business organization. It has turned out to be one of the finest marketing tools. A social media virtual assistant is someone who will control and manage your various social media monitoring accounts and reduce your burden. They have the immense capability of well-utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) as a marketing tool. The responsibilities undertaken by these virtual assistants include the following:


  • Creating business pages on various social media platforms
  • Executing research to find the factual content for uploading on these pages
  • Engaging the audience on various social media channels
  • Scheduling the social media posts on-time
  • Measuring the performance analytics

3. Real Estate Virtual Assistants

The real estate virtual assistants work remotely and are capable of working on all kinds of real estate activities, such as filing the paperwork, preparing documentation, managing and handling emails, scheduling meeting with clients, etc. They are also well-trained and proficient in implementing the other tasks related to the real estate business that includes the following.


  • Data scrapping to get the information regarding various real estate properties
  • Sending well-drafted emails to potential real estate buyers
  • Managing the database of real estate business and working on their social media accounts
  • Executing property research and creating an in-depth report

4. Virtual Assistant for Data Entry

As we know that data is an inseparable element of every business organization, it should be handled with the utmost professionalism. In such an instance, hiring a virtual assistant for your data entry process can be of greater importance. Data entry service when done under stress and pressure can cause larger data inaccuracies. But the data entry virtual assistants can save your time and effort.


  • Successfully maintaining, merging, and sorting the data
  • Excellent data management strategies
  • Effortlessly reviewing the data for better accuracy
  • Generating authentic reports wherein the data can be accurately entered into the CRM system
  • Keeping a continuous track of the business activities including the data entry process

5. Product Virtual Assistants

These virtual assistants are also known as eCommerce virtual assistants. They focus on the management of online businesses and helps them to launch new products amid the global market. They have the ability to interpret the sales funnel and ensure a successful product launch. With the rise of the eCommerce businesses, the online retail sectors have been in a steady need for virtual assistants.


  • Accurate eCommerce or product data entry
  • Handling online transactions in an effective way
  • Executing product classification and taxonomy progression
  • Product category management
  • Rendering the successful chat support at any hour of the day
  • Developing SEO-friendly descriptions
  • Editing and manipulating the product images

6. Virtual Assistant for Administrative Tasks

A virtual assistant for administrative activity can enhance your business success. The administrative virtual assistant will help you to manage the diversified back-office services and administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, HR management, handling the contact list of your business, billing and accounting functions, and so on.


  • Scheduling and managing business conferences and meetings
  • Managing the contacts including telephone/email conversations
  • Document management and formatting
  • Keeping your business informed about the market happenings including the competitor�s strategies
  • Successful customer management

To hire a qualified virtual assistant service provider is regarded to be one of the best steps taken by an organization. With the incorporation of their maximized potentials, you can help your business flourish worldwide. Offshore India Data Entry is the best BPO outsourcing company and will render you with the best and affordable virtual assistant, who can help your business meet its end-to-end needs. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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