For the past few years there has been a drastic growth in the real estate business due to the substantial improvement in the quality of the real estate images.� Real estate photo editing services has been progressively taking momentum due to extensive growth of digitalization. �As you know most of the people rely more on online images to get a clear view of the real estate property. If they like the pictures, then they will check on the property description and other relevant details.� Uploading a highly appealing and attractive images of real estate property helps the agents to get the best business. Here is where photo editing services plays its role.

Real Estate Photo Editing


One of the main goals of editing real estate properties is to improve their appeal and value. With some features like background blur, grass replacement and twilight conversion photo editing, it offers the much-needed boost while capturing the best features of property images. �Lest highlight the top 5 trends in real estate photo editing that can be utilized by real estate agents to make their properties more attractive.

Top 5 Real Estate Photo Editing Trends

1. Image Enhancement

Image enhancement is very essential to enhance the images of the property and eliminate its defects. Property improvements are the most common photo editing trend used by most realtors to draw out the property’s positive features to attract buyers. Apart from image enhancement, golden hour conversions and virtual staging are some of the techniques that can be used to enhance the look of your property while tempting the buyer to make quick purchase decisions.

2. 3D Virtual Tours

A 3D virtual tour allows potential buyers to navigate a property room in a realistic simulation. This helps the buyer to get the overall look of the property before they see it. This feature enables the feel of home with good storytelling. With the right technology, professional editors can create multi-dimensional photos that will make your property look like a dream home. With a 3D real estate virtual tour, the buyer can start imagining their life in the home before even stepping foot on the available property.

3. Virtual Staging

This feature is one of the most popular real estate photo editing trends which helps the buyers to visualize the property.� This gives the buyers variety of options to select and choose the property they intend to buy. This feature highlights the different things like the lightings, furniture�s, other interiors etc.� Virtual staging uses the latest graphics that enables the features of the house and make them attractive.

4. Twilight Photography

One of the popular real estate photo editing trends used to improve the beauty of a property is twilight conversion or golden hour photography. In the golden colour of the setting sun, everything is very beautiful and attractive that tempts the customers. Although the twilight conversion technique is rare, it can take a home’s beauty to another level when used correctly.

5. Aerial Shots

Aerial photos require good quality cameras and drones with good navigation skills so that they can capture the real design of the property. Drones will help in capturing each and every corner of the property and so the landscape can be edited later. With bird eye capture, you will get an idea of the neighbourhood. Aerial photos help buyers understand the best feature of the property along with the area.

Outsource real estate photo editing services

Real estate photo editing services has become crucial for realtors refining real estate property listings and advertisements by transforming the original pictures. With a professional photo editing service provider helping you out in producing quality and attractive images of your property helps you to get more potential buyers without any hardship.� We at Offshore India Data Entry, are the best when it comes to Image editing and Image Retouching services. Are image editors make sure that your property images turn out to be the best in the industry.� Our services include Retouching the images cropping the images, colouring changes, brightening and sharpening the images colour enhancement of the images, objects or logos removal and enhancement, HDR blending, background correction, etc. Our photo editing experts make perfect edits of the property photos suiting your needs.

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