saaasWhy is SaaS the Call of a Day?

Day- by- day increasing dependence on cloud and mobile service adoptions is developing the value of software as a service (Saas). In this budget fringy economy, the associated low cost of SAAS makes it an appealing choice for businesses trying to minimize their operating costs. The service applications like CRM, financial accounting and management, marketing, demand generation, order management, web analytics, digital content preparation along with ERP system are already being labeled under SaaS Model Applications. According to estimates the global Saas market is expected to hit $21.3 billion by 2015 from $16.7 billion in 2013.

Independent software vendors are indulging with SaaS models are facing challenges due to host of reasons ranging from – product evolution, customer management, improving customer knowledge and offering them superior experiences and managing business agility.

ISV�s can easily preside over these challenges by partnering with SI possessing superior automation experience and competence to deliver a service through point solutions and tools. Over the years, SIs has been creating customer values by bunching technologies to create customer centric solutions. SIs has been successful in delivering these bunched solutions to customers by making them realize its urgency in their organization. This means ISVs can improve their customer experience by partnering with good SI. Here are few reasons that help you to understand why ISVs and Sls should work together-

Easy to use service deliveries

Through their analytical capabilities and data management experience, SI�s have been lot more successful in mapping customer requirements and offering them value effective solutions, which meet their business needs. Their focusing points are hassle free online boarding, user-friendly service models, self service tools, better techniques and automation for effective subscription models.

Better user experience

Improved customer experience is a key to success in Saas model. You need to build insights after analyzing the user behavior and work to hone niche- specific expertise. As suggested before SI�s possess competence and skills to serve customers by understanding their requirements.

Maximize market share

Instead of investing in Saas infrastructure, ISVs can leverage Sl expertise and infrastructure to maximize their market share by keeping their service delivery costs minimum.

The entire landscape of a service revolves around analyzing client requirements, crafting business intelligence, bunching technologies, managing SLAs and ensuring superior customer experience. ISVs must concentrate on fundamentals of this service landscape to script Saas success stories. ISVs recognizing these fundamentals and working closely with Sis can easily find foothold in ever -expanding Saas jargon.