Images play an important role in conveying interesting messages more convincingly to the intended audience. It could be actual photographs, images that are bought from imageries or infographics. The quality of images is an important aspect to consider while using them on your websites or online campaigns. Then there are images that are drawn based on the available information. Raster and Vector images are popularly used image types that lets you generate an image based on data. Many companies with designers, builders or architects use raster and vector designs to put up their ideas into images and graphical results. Here is a comparison between Raster Vs Vector images:

When the images are made up of millions of pixels of different shades and colors, it is a Raster image. The scanned digital images from outsourcing image processing India are usually Raster. When you zoom in the data beyond a level, the pixels can be seen making the image look blurred. But if you change the resolution, instead of zooming, the image quality remains good.


In the case of vector images, there are certain mathematical formulas to be used to plot the diagram.� The paths are obtained with the results of the formula. The formulas give the shape to the diagram and decide what colors need to be given to the paths. With the vector paths, the shape is proportional to the formula used. Hence the shape and size can go beyond the limited features. The major difference among the two is that in the case of raster images, the shape of the image cannot be changed if the data change after the image is plotted. Offshore Outsourcing Services choose between raster and vector images based on the dynamicity of data.


Raster images are colorful representations. While plotting the image, many colors can be used with the pixels in a single image and even editing colors is possible. Better refinement and shading can be done in the right resolution to differentiate the data plotted. The Outsource Image Background Editing services work on the images to provide an attractive as well as effective work.� In the case of vector images, the images can be resized dynamically.

Raster images lack quality, but as vector images are more refined as they are created by a mathematical formula. The data is accurate and presentable. Raster images are colorful and hence are more appealing than the vector images. At times when the images are not clear, the Outsource image processing services need to work on it to provide the better quality image.

Vector images are used mainly for logos, graphic representations, photographs, letterheads etc. Raster images are more used for photographs. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a raster editing tool and Adobe Illustrator is a Vector editing tool. To create some images with a very few colors from scratch, the vector graphs can be used. At times when a client approaches the Image Processing Services India for a complete work, the firm chooses to use both vector and raster images to bring out better results.

To portray a clear and precise diagrammatic representation of data, it is always advisable to use vector images. Raster images cannot represent any such data but only bring out the positive aspects in a colorful format. Most of the companies prefer to use vector images to depict complex data.