Whether a company is small or big, it is crucial to decide the priority of the tasks. Don�t stress yourself or your team over mundane tasks. Focus on your goal and leave all the extra work, such as receipt data entry in the hands of outsourcing firms. The receipts issued by a firm is different from the invoice and are critical to keep track of the payments received. With the increasing sales activity in any company or business entity, the requirement for accurate maintenance of receipt data is also on the rise.

Why outsourcing receipt data entry services are required?

Today, majority of the companies have become a storehouse of a large volume of receipts and bills irrespective of their size and type. Rebate data entry service to make sure your business doesn’t fall into this category. Execution of receipt data processing can be very daunting and challenging to handle for the in-house team. It can be costly too. Professional outsourcing services can prove to be a great asset and help you accomplish this task with minimum inputs. An experienced team of data entry operators using updated can yield amazing results and profits for your organization.

What should data entry services include?

An ideal outsourcing firm must be able to handle different types of receipts such as printed receipts, hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, retail stores receipt, school fees receipts, receipts of telephone bills, and so on. Online and offline receipts must be digitized in a specific format accurately to ensure completeness.

Many businesses use Microsoft Excel to manage invoice and receipt data. The excel data entry service is vital for the effective management of all the bills and receipts of a business organization. The size and format of receipts vary from company to company, but a professional outsourcing service provider must be able to tackle all the unexpected challenges with the help of modern technology and tools.

What is the step by step receipt data entry process?

  • The first steps are to extract an amount from different receipts taking into consideration other significant details such as date, currency, expense category, etc.
  • The second step is to input them into a specific format in excel so that it is easily accessible for future usage and analysis.
  • The last step involves the verification of data. It is an essential step, and you must not skip it.

Following are the ways by which outsourcing receipt data entry add value to your business:

  • Ensures 99.99% accuracy and hence, prevents you from making mistakes that can cost you a ton.
  • Ease of access to the records. You don�t have to find a receipt in the pile of documents anymore.
  • Prevention from theft and data loss.
  • All your data is stored electronically, which results in saving office space.
  • Helps you in regular maintenance of receipts without any overdue bills pending.
  • Outsource receipt form data entry to lower your operational costs by over 60%.
  • On-time and shortest possible delivery of final outcome.
  • You get a round-the-clock support system.

If you are seeking for the reliable and affordable receipt data entry service as per your requirements, Offshore India Data Entry is the appropriate place. Our highly dedicated and professional team of data entry experts will ensure to execute the flawless receipt data entry process in an efficient way.

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