outsource legal data entry services

Legal documents are confidential papers which have a lot of legal terms which can only be understood by a skilled person in the legal field. Every data entry company that employs data entry operators cannot do the legal data entry work for such firms that require accurate and quality legal data. There are specialized firms that undertake outsource legal data entry services offering accurate results at a low cost. Such services make the time-consuming process of digitization of uncategorized data and manual or automatic data entry easier. They also ensure relevant legal data for business use.


Some of the benefits of outsource legal data entry services are as below:

Cost Factor

Data Entry Accuracy

Cost plays an important role in outsourcing. Cost typically depends on the volume of the work to be completed with accuracy. Not being affected by the project complexity where the documents are full of legal terms. The outsourcing firm provides quality service at a very affordable price.

Dedicated�quality data management teams are present to check and maintain the quality of the data entry process as per the customers� requirements. Attorney data entry and such specialized work require higher accuracy due to the type of data involved.

Shorter Turnaround Time


As time is crucial for any data entry task, the service provider should complete the data entry work in stipulated time as an important requirement of the business.

Around the clock support is given by the data entry partners and hence, the law firms and attorneys could rest assured about the work which would be completed in due time with high accuracy.


The outsourcing data management services provider should ensure a high-level of security for the legal documents. The security measures should be taken starting from the workstations to the network in which the task is performed. There should not be any leak of information as it could create serious problems for the service provider too.

The data entry service is provided in two different modes either it is manual or automatic. In the manual entry mode, a data entry operator would enter the details from the paper document in the system while in automatic mode the data is read from the document scanning techniques. The cost also differs based on the volume and the complexity of the data. The data entry source formats need to be chosen and the basis on that the best service provider as different provider works on different source formats. The most common ones are data entry from paper, entry from an electronic text and from an electronic image.


Below are a few examples where data entry services can be availed for legal document processing:

  • Bare Acts and Citations data
  • Court case details
  • Property related documents
  • Legislation acts
  • Court application formats
  • Case databases
  • Insurance claims data
  • Other case-related documents

Some outsourcing partners also provides data entry for municipal records, birth and death records and other related legal documents. With qualified workers and experienced legal data experts, error-free legal data entry services can be achieved when the decision to outsource legal data entry is taken. The above-mentioned advantages given by outsource legal data entry services assure the organization to achieve work which is confidential, accurate and within a stipulated time.

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