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The advancement in the technology had made a shift from paper works to electronic. This advanced electronic era made a push for EMR or electronic medical record. The electronic medical records is a solution to the challenges, the health care industry is facing. The hospitals are struggling a lot to provide quality care, while dealing with daily operational demands such as unsustainable cost, increased number of uninsured patients, strain due to increasing demand and much more.

A better way to get rid of these challenges is to outsource your medical data entry services to a good and efficient medical data entry service provider. Be clever while choosing your supporter.

Medical data entry should be done accurately and it demands precision. To meet the customer requirement we use the latest technologies to guarantee quality. Entering patient details claim correctness to avoid problems like denial, rejection and underpayment. As healthcare supporters you need to give priority for quality care to your patients rather than on these types of day to day administrative tasks. Outsource your medical data entry services to us and let us help you manage your time and resources.

Medical data entry services that your hospital can outsource

Almost all medical data entry services can be outsourced according to your choice. Some of the medical data entry services that can be outsourced are:

  • Medical Records
  • Medication Reports
  • Medical Testing Records
  • Medical Billing Data Entry
  • Hospital Records
  • Patient Information
  • Healthcare Records
  • Hospitalization Records
  • Testing Data Entry
  • SOAP Notes
  • Lab Data Entry
  • Patient Records
  • Medical Reports
  • Consultation Notes
  • Consultation Reports
  • Medical Lab Results
  • Medical Insurance Forms
  • Labor notes
  • Patient Appointments
  • Prescription Records
  • Operative Reports
  • Patient Progress Notes
  • Patient Consultation
  • Emergency Room Notes
  • Medical Data Entry
  • Medical Files
  • Psychological Report
  • Clinical Records
  • Discharge Summary
  • Medical Documents
  • Patient Billing
  • Office Visits
  • Pathology Reports
  • Autopsy Report
  • Radiology Report
  • Patient History

Benefits of outsourcing medical data entry

  • Accurate, Flexible and customized quality
  • 24/7 support
  • Save your time
  • Help you get more focused on core activities
  • Operational cost being saved up to 40%
  • Status being reported real time
  • Reduction in manual works

Why to opt Offshore India Data Entry

  • Deliver better health care by outsourcing to us
  • Technical experts will be handle your data entry requirements
  • Multi level QA checking
  • Dedicated project managers to handle your requirements
  • Quality service with reduced cost
  • Timely delivery of your requirement

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Emil Babu