Image Data Entry Services is the collection of crucial information from images and converting it into a format that the client prefers. As this task is much bigger and time-consuming, it is better to outsource image data entry works, so that your business can achieve a good result.

Image Data entry services

Now let us have a glance at Image Data Entry Services that are available today

  • Image Data Indexing: This process includes preserving data within the data structure for easy access.
  • Offline Image Data Extraction: It includes the capturing of crucial data from scanned images by infusing the latest tools like OCR, ICR and IDR
  • Catalog Image Data Entry: This process refers to capturing information included within the images in catalogs and brochures. This information is very much important because of the fact it helps the top management to make decisions based on it.
  • Image Data Sorting: This process includes the organization of data according to the size and accessibility of users.

Advantages of integrating AI and Automation on Image Data Entry

Increases the speed of Data Capturing

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, data entry executives can capture data from different sources within a short period. And also, it can convert those data into required formats. This data extraction method using AI technology also reduces the risk of human errors.

Increases Data Quality

The data-capturing process that infuses the technology of Artificial Intelligence increases the quality of data by reducing the risk of typo errors. It also helps to validate the data by comparing data points with a wide range of data pools.

Along with this, it gives the operators the advantage of organizing this data easily as it presents it before them the data in a structured format.

Improves Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is a crucial task to achieve data accuracy in the database. When the quality of data is poor, it is sure that it will affect the business badly.� The process is not only time-consuming but also requires high labour service. And for this reason, now Companies are integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology to accelerate the data cleansing process.

Saves Time

Image Data Entry is a tedious and labour-intensive task. So if this task is managed through automation, the in-house employees can make themselves free from those boring tasks.

And also, thus the in-house employees can use the time to engage in core activities in a company.

Advantages of Outsourcing Image Data Entry Services

Saves Money

If you outsource the image data entry service to an outsourcing company, you can save the finance you need to spend on infrastructure and on maintaining employees.

That means the money you saved on spending for office space, technology and salary can be used for new projects.

Boosts Growth

When you are partnering with an outsourcing company, the in-house and remote talents that are spreading in different parts of the world can be brought together.

And when this is organized well, it will result in the growth of a business entity to an unexpected level.

Access to Experts

If you are a start-up, maybe you don�t have the plan to hire or maintain many employees in Company. But at the same time, you need to fill these roles to make your company competitive in the market.

This is where the role of an outsourcing company, comes into play. That is if you are hiring an outsourcing company, their pool of talents can fill this void. And finally, it will help to elevate your business entity.

Increases Productivity

Business is a domain where you can expect unexpected situations. Sometimes a business may go through busy seasons. But at this time, if the business organization hires expert professionals to cope with this situation they may have to face unwanted expenses after this booming period.

But if you are outsourcing, you can meet the unexpected demand surges in a way that might not affect the budget of the Company and this will also lead to its growth.

Access to new tools/technologies

When you are partnering with an outsourcing company, they will provide exposure to robust technologies and tools. Even if you are a start-up/small business entity they will give you access to all kinds of technologies which usually becomes expensive when it comes to buying those tools only for in-house use.

Wrapping up

Offshore India Data Entry has been providing a wide range of image data entry services for many of our customers over the years. So, if you want to hire us please drop a mail to [email protected]

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