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While looking at the trend, we can see the word Artificial Intelligence (AI) in bold letters. The use of AI has increased exponentially in recent years. Image processing and computer vision are two major features used to develop an AI model. Most of the AI models are built upon them. Also, AI does help you while developing image processing and computer vision processes, with the help of open-source libraries.

Image processing

Applying a set of techniques and algorithms to a digital image for extracting information or features from the image is referred to as image processing. It does not affect the state of the image from which the information is being excerpted. Image processing has two subcategories- image classification and object detection.

Image Classification -� Categorizing the pixels in the image into several groups is affirmed as image classification. In other words, it is a kind of extraction of information from a multi-band raster image. In short, it predicts the class of an object in the image. The prediction made by this technique will be a probability.

Object Detection�Object detection is the process of identifying and locating an object in the image or video. We can either say it is the finding of the presence of an object and the type of it, in the image showcasing with the help of a bounding box.

While talking about the outcome of Image processing in Artificial Intelligence, we should add

Facial Recognition – Facial recognition is a hailed application of AI. Facial recognition is the identification or verification of an individual, using their face. This is being in use on several popular platforms. Facial recognition is working based on facial features. At present, most of the smartphones use facial recognition technology to unlock the device.

Image Recognition – It is recognizing people animals or objects by using the algorithms and machine learning concepts. It is an umbrella term for training computers to see like humans. The optical character recognition OCR is a famous example of image recognition. This can even be categorized under text recognition. Image recognition is better understood with the help of this example.

Object Localization – Object localization is used to predict an object and its boundaries in an image. You may end-up with confusion between object detection and object localization. But we can differentiate it easily as the detection tries to find all the objects out. At the same time localization will locate the prominent object in an image. Also, object localization will be used while there is a single object, while detection can be used while multiple objects are on the scene.

Image Segmentation – This will help you to identify the shape of the object. From the whole techniques we met in this write-up, this could be seen as the best technique which offers a detailed understanding of the objects in the image. This makes a mask for each pixel of the objects in the image.

Image Augmentation � This technique is used to make the model perfect. It encourages faster learning. In augmentation, the model will apply random changes like flip, shear, zoom, and more. This leads the model to learn the parts of the image to its� best. Image augmentation does not make any changes in the real image.

Artificial Intelligence and Image processing can be seen as interdependent. Together they have made several technologies that we knew and use in daily life. With the help of AI, we can carry through even the toughest task easily. Thus the use of AI can improve the quality of your outcome.


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