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One of the foremost concerns faced by the organizations while outsourcing data processing service is the safety and confidentiality perseverance of the information. But, hiring the best BPO partner company will eliminate the worry regarding the data security concept.

The global outsourcing industry is witnessing countless positive transformations with the growing technological advancements and data security innovations. Data processing service involves the digitization and analysis of crucial raw data, which is further converted into a meaningful data-set. Henceforth, the outsourcing companies have the accountability to manage the data with perfect protection and security norms.

Here are certain points that would give an awareness of

how data processing partners assure enhanced data security to the clients!

  • The Signing of the NDA Forms � Before outsourcing the data processing services, the BPO companies would ask their clients to sign and agree with the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) forms. The NDA forms is an agreement that deals with the security factor. In simple terms, it�s an assurance made by the outsourcing firm that they won�t share the client details with an outside party, without the consent of the specified client.
  • CCTV Monitoring � This is one of the basic and widely implemented data security strategy by the BPO outsourcing companies. Generally, the data processing companies are well-equipped with the advanced CCTV cameras for excellent surveillance purposes within the premises.
  • Privacy Policy � In recent times, it has been noted that most of the BPO outsourcing companies have the best and well-formulated privacy policies. Therefore, before signing the contract, make sure to read and understand these policies for the safety of your data and business.
  • Networking and Software � The data processing companies have a robust in-built network system alongside email protection measures, thereby, filtering out the malicious, dangerous, and spam files or cybercrime instances. Also, they take the action of installing protection software or creating a secure web gateway, thereby, helping to detect and block the various elements that might create havoc in your data storage system.
  • Employee Training � The data processing experts and the crew members of the outsourcing company are given extensive training to safeguard the client�s data. They are well-trained to detect the suspicious emails (specifically the emails that contain attachments) or to report the presence of unusual emails to their IT or technical department.
  • Authorized Check-In�s � As the data processing outsourcing companies deal with the crucial management of the client�s valuable information, only the concerned or authorized personnel can make an entry into the office workstation. The office premises would be safeguarded by security personnel 24*7, apart from the CCTV monitoring facilities. Usually, the employees will have a bio-metric punch-in and it is mandatory for them to wear their respective identity cards. This will drastically help in detecting unauthorized access.
  • Infrastructure � The UPS room of the data processing companies have an intensive power backup system and generator for maintaining the work consistency. Also, these huge outsourcing firms will be having multiple branches to overtake the workload if one work station undergoes any maintenance or other issues. The integration of disaster management technology will safeguard the client�s data from both internal and external threats.
  • Password Protected Systems � Though every employee at the outsourcing company will be allotted with a computer system or laptop facility, each of them will be highly protected. It implies that each employee will be assigned a username and password for making a login into their specific system. These credentials shouldn�t be shared with another employee or any other associated person.

To be precise, data security is an important factor that needs to be considered before you decide upon your outsourcing partner. Offshore India Data Entry is one of the top-notch data processing companies, giving prominence to the safety and confidentiality of our customer�s data. If you are seeking for the finest and most importantly, an outsourcing company that will yield the best data with safety measures, Offshore India Data Entry can be the right data processing partner for your business. To understand our privacy policies and to acquire a free trial run, feel free to consult our team at [email protected]

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