If you ask which is the most attractive element that influences product purchase decisions on online platforms, it will be the images that come in many formats. Since the leads and customers cannot actually view the product, feel or try it, they depend solely upon the product catalog which comes with product images. It is hence one of the most important elements of ecommerce business. Image editing makes sure that the images used on the catalog, website and for marketing collateral are in sync with the brand image and philosophies. This makes it easier to establish the brand identity much faster and more effectively.� Here are 5 ways in which image editing helps ecommerce sites:

Enhance the Contrast and Colors

One of the major requirements of image editing is to adjust the contrast and color used in the online images. Ecommerce businesses outsource image editing�to make sure that all their images have a standard contrast and color specification that helps to identify the brand better and to display attractively on the various online media. One must use the right software tools to make sure that the image-quality remains intact.


Background Editing

Often, the images used may have distractions in the form of background. Sometimes, the images may have to be stripped off its backdrop. Sometimes, specific elements in the image background editing may have to be enhanced or removed. Sometimes, the entire background should be changed.

For each product and for every platform, this is a major image editing work which requires expertise and legacy image editing tools. Such tools come very expensive which every firm cannot afford. An outsourcing firm will do ample justice to all your image editing requirements.

Add a Tinge of Brand Colors

Attaining brand identity always attracts better attention and customer retention. This can be achieved by adding a tinge of your brand�s logo colors on the product images. You can take help from outsourced image retouching services that are competent and experienced in branding and image editing. Including the brand colors in unique and trendy ways can help to increase your brand identity and familiarity.

Spin a Story Around a Unique Image

Uniqueness in product information and images used will help to weave a special brand image for your products. This helps in better customer conversion and retention. Uniqueness not only helps the leads identify your brand better but also get enthusiastic about it. A unique image requires ample expertise and the right tools to render quality. Outsourcing to firms that specialize in creative image editing will offer the right solution for your brand.

Survey Completed on 2018 to Outsource Image Editing


Offer Different Angle Images of the Same Image

In ecommerce platforms, you may have seen the same product�s image made available from different angles. This helps the user to understand the product�s dimensions and specifications far better. Since the online customers are not actually seeing or feeling the products in person in an ecommerce platform, such images will offer them a better perspective of the product which helps in making better decisions. Businesses often make use of photo editing services to get 360-degree product images which has become very popular these days.

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