Digitization has made paperless offices quite possible. With high-end technologies that ease business processing and increase efficiency and productivity, going paperless is only one among the various advantages of digitization. Most of the businesses depend upon outsourced offshore scanning and indexing services to go paperless. The concept of ‘Go Green’ is encouraging for developing paperless offices. Paperless work environment has many advantages like saving money, save space, makes an eco-friendly office, sharing of documentation is easy and much more.

A paperless work environment gives many benefits to the management who are planning to implement this concept. Some of them are mentioned below:

Saving Money

Using paper may be so easy for inter office communication, but it is not cheap. An average office uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper or more a year for various reasons. Printing of paper leads to increase in electricity charges. So paperless office help in decreasing electricity charges which lead to saving money.

Access to documents anytime, anywhere

Once the documents are digitized, they can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. When the businesses outsource indexing services, they ensure that the same document version is accessible to multiple people at the same time.

Safe and Security

Ever misplaced or lost a document? If yes, the paperless office is the best solution for maintaining safe and secure offices. Using the right software, business documents can be secured with a password, e-signature, user permissions etc.


Starting from the attendance, sending invoices, ordering goods every action involves usage of papers. The Paperless office provides all the simplicity and comfort avoiding huge usage of papers and confusion.

Green Company

Eco-friendly is the trend nowadays. The well-being of this planet is the concern and to address this, making the company paperless is one of the ways to repay our Mother Nature.

Time Saving

When you opt for Document Management Outsourcing you start saving. A paperless office not only saves money but also save time. Searching for specific information in these files or documents is much easier as they are stored digitally. Maintaining the digital documents is much simpler, easier and saves time and space.

Space Saving

Most of the companies face the problem, where to keep the files, they pile up and storage becomes a challenge. Offices become cluttered and feel smaller. All the documents can be digitized and can be saved in the remote cloud server or storage devices which fit as per our space accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

Looking at the benefits of a paperless office, you must be wondering how to start one. Here are some definite steps to take to go paperless:

Planning the document hierarchy: A detailed document hierarchy should be drawn according to which the folder structure will be created.

Organizational planning: Once paperless, all the organizational roles to be redefined and new roles and responsibilities to defined. This ensures authorized access to specific documents based on the roles.

Identifying hardware: Storage space required should be planned accordingly

Identifying software: The software suitable for the business model has to be selected. Document Management Services outsourcing saves the company from this tedious process as they will have access to the right software which gives optimal output.

Security planning: Accessibility to the documents to what organizational level is to be decided

Implementation: Paperless offices should be planned strategically and staged diligently. This will make sure that none of the existing processes are affected during the transition.


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Periodic audits and upgradations are required while maintaining a paperless office. It helps automation significantly and improves the productivity of the business concern. Outsourcing makes sure that the entire transition goes smooth and the office functions smoothly during and after the transition stages.