automated receipt capture entry

If you are combating to cope with the countless paper invoices or receipts on an everyday basis, enable your business to explore the digital world. Automated receipt capture has become the talk of the business town. It takes an enormous amount of your valuable time to preserve and find the receipts, followed by extensive organizing procedures. And here comes the essence of outsourcing receipt data entry and embracing the concept of automated receipt capture.


�Establishing an integrated connection with clients through contemporary automation software�


Receipt scanning and digitization has accomplished a greater prominence as it eases the process of locating and accessing the needed files instantly. Regardless of how you want to store the receipt files and receipt data extraction, incorporating the automation process in your business can intensify the functionality.


  • Are you seeking ways to eliminate the time spent on receipt data entry?
  • Looking for the automation process to speed up your business operations?
  • Want to minimize the time spent on receipt data capture?


If your answer to the above-asked questions is a �YES�, then, this is the right time to collaborate with an offshore outsourcing automation service provider.

Role of Automation Tools

There has been a notable increase in the approach towards the use of automation tools for optimized receipt data entry and capture. This will enable your business firm to save a considerable amount of time and less expenditure on hiring manpower, resources, etc.

The automation process will simplify the process of data capture and entry from the receipt and invoice bulk available with a firm. The software helps in extracting the essential data from the receipt images and automatically enters the data into an organized format such as Excel, etc. Using the automated receipt data capture and entry possess a greater advantage of the traditional manpower data entry and that is �Accuracy�.

Generally, the outsourcing BPO companies are well-equipped with the modernized data entry automation software tools which will enhance the data capturing and entry process in a user-friendly mode. This will also ease the process of accessing the data at any time and from anywhere.

Receipt Scanning Software

As we discussed initially, handling a large volume of printed invoices and receipts consistently isn�t an easy-to-do task. The high-speed scanners and software will digitize and extract the required data effectively and therefore, turns out to be a productive process for your business.

The software can be initiated and the receipts can be run through the advanced scanners, which will be connected to a computer through a USB connection. The data will be abstracted from the receipt images and it will be simultaneously entered into the software. A copy of the receipt can also be saved on your computer. It will eliminate the process of entering the data manually, thereby, reducing the possibility of inaccuracies, irrelevant, or duplicate entries.

The Foremost Benefits of Integrating The Automated Receipt Data Entry and Capture Into Your Mainstream Includes:


  1. 99% accurate and precise receipt data entry
  2. Getting rid of the paperwork and taking your business on a digital level
  3. Highly accurate and goal-oriented OCR result
  4. Automatic record checking for error detection
  5. Facilitating the file sharing and retrieval process
  6. Keeping the data up-to-date in real-time


The process of automated receipt data capture and entry might sound a bit complicated but it�s one of the interesting, effective, and profitable concept for your business. Once you establish this concept within your business enterprise, it will eliminate the need for spending hours on the manual work front.

Offshore India Data Entry is one of the globally established BPO outsourcing company, focusing on developing the automated tools and software to get your data entry process simplified. The professional team at our premises will assist you with the best-automated solutions. If you haven�t yet explored the other side of the extensive digitization process, grab away the opportunity right away!

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