Today, many companies are trying to eliminate the costs and hard work behind the filing and storing of hard copy documents. Scanning is the most significant way to save and store the important documents safely. The digital version of paper documents enables organizations to perform well without the need of hard copy documents. Scanning or imaging of documents also facilitates them to access the needful information easily and quickly.

Digital documents are free from damages and if it happens, fast retrieval of lost data is possible. Digitizing of documentation reduces the paperwork and freed up your office space. Protection of data is the main concern for a business organization and scanning protects your documents from being lost and stolen. Scanning also provides improved data security and continuity for your business.

document scanning

The process of scanning is cost effective, so, outsource your document scanning to the outsourcing companies. If you have to confront with large volume of paper documents, outsource document-scanning services to document scanning service providers. The outsourcing companies scan all your paper documents such as contract documents, insurance documents, etc. by using powerful scanners and save them in the required digital formats like PDF, TIFF, JPEG etc. You can easily store and share these converted documents and can retrieve the lost data without any difficult.

Indexing is an integral part of scanning and storing the documents in a digital format. Indexing enables users to find the documents easily and quickly. It is difficult to find the required information from the large volume of data without the proper indexing. Here are some of the methods used to index the documents:

Manual Indexing: Manual indexing is the traditional method of indexing the documents manually. Generally, data entry professionals are the persons who responsible for indexing the documents. The main advantageous of manual indexing is accuracy and it is comparatively inexpensive. But indexing of millions of scanned documents is not very practical. Moreover, manual indexing is a very slow process.

OCR Indexing: OCR indexing is the process of recognizing the documents by using important terms in the text of documents. For example, if a document contains the word �Legal Procedure�, then the document should be placed in the folder for legal documents. OCR indexing is a fully automated process and it is very fast. OCR indexing is not highly accurate because there may be some unrecognizable documents. These unrecognizable documents need to be indexed manually.

Bar Code Indexing: Bar code indexing is the method of attaching a bar code in every document that is needed to be scanned. The scanning software identifies this bar code and save them in the proper location. Bar code indexing s highly accurate and quick process but it needs little more manual effort.

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