India is considered one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing data entry and processing. There are many aspects including low cost involved in the outsourcing process that attract businesses from the West and European countries to prefer Indian outsourcing partners over other counterparts for outsourcing data entry. The scenario is only improving due to the advancements and developments happening across the country in technology, education and other fields.


Here we present some facts why India is considered the best place for outsourcing data entry:

Skilled Resources Available

India has a huge repository of skilled resources thanks to the high standard of education that�s provided across the country. English is taught as the first language in most of the states here and the syllabus followed is also quite comprehensive. Moreover, the level of education is quite high in most of the states. This results in the availability of skilled resources across the state which are available to the offshore India data entry outsourcing partners. They team up with data entry experts in various industries to provide top-notch data entry services made available on demand.

Abundance of Resources

India is the world�s second largest populated country. With the education level and standards quite high, there are abundant resources available across the country. Resource scarce is never an issue here! High population also amounts to high competition in the job market. This results in the availability of a large number of skill resources available at any given time looking for work. The outsourcing service providers make use of this situation and employ skilled data entry operators who are adept with the latest technologies and industries as and when required.

Advanced Infrastructure

The Indian cities are well-equipped with full-time electricity, telephone and high-speed internet connectivity. Availability of advanced infrastructure is one of the major advantages of choosing an Indian BPO data entry company over the western or European counterparts. Even in rural areas, the infrastructure availability is quite easy which helps the outsourcing partners to establish their base at far-off rural areas where the city rushes are much less and the focus and productivity are far better.

Low Costs Involved

The availability of abundant skilled resources and extensive infrastructure both make establishing the outsourcing business possible at a low cost. More resources are always available than required, especially for data entry jobs that does not require much specialized skills other than a good grasp over the language and fast typing skills. Infrastructure costs are also comparatively low as the phone and internet charges are quite affordable and quality services are made available. All of these put together helps to reduce the overall cost for data entry outsourcing compared to other countries.

Time Zone Advantage

India has a 10 to 12-hour time difference from USA and about 5 hours difference from the UK. This makes back office data entry from India quite convenient for these countries. Indian outsourcing companies provide 24/7 services which ensures that a day�s data is made available before the next day starts in the US or UK.

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