offshoring to India

Offshoring is one of the most prominent aspects of globalization process. In the broad sense, offshoring is a type of business process outsourcing in which the developed countries outsource their business processes to developing countries. Most companies offshore their business processes mainly looking for low labor costs. Other significant advantages of offshoring include cost advantage, quality advantage, fast turnaround time and access to skilled labors and high-end technologies. India remains the most popular offshoring destination in the world with highly skilled and English speaking population.

The process of offshoring has positive impacts on the local labor market of India. Offshoring to�India increases the demand for highly skilled professionals. The most important fact regarding the Indian labor market is that the availability of well-educated people at low wage structure. Offshoring to india is one of the main factors behind the development of Indian labor market. The increasing number of business processes outsourced by the developed countries is the strong evidence of the increasing demand for Indian professionals.

India is actually a wide pool of highly talented and educated professionals and this is the result of world class education system in India. The increasing demand for IT professionals compels India to establish more professional IT schools throughout India. Offshoring provide exceptional opportunities to develop Indian labor market and thus to grow Indian economy.

The phenomenon of offshoring is an important aspect in the employment industry of India. Here are some of the positive impacts of offshoring on local employment:

Increased Employment Opportunities

Offshoring industry in India provides a wide range of employment opportunities. Developed countries offshore most of their core and non-core functions such as business process outsourcing (BPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and Information Technology outsourcing (ITO). Indian professionals are highly talented and experienced and majority of them are ready to work at low wages. Offshoring industry has witnessed noticeable growth in the demand for labor force and it is a great opportunity to increase the national income of India.

Improved Labor Productivity

The process of offshoring increases the efficiency of laborers in India. The high talents and experience of professionals enables them to provide the services quickly and efficiently. Indian professionals are more capable to think strategically, to make better partnership and to make great deals. For example, when you offshore data entry services to an outsourcing company in India, they provide you with highly accurate and reliable offshore services within fast turnaround time.

Improved Labor Flexibility

Majority of Indian laborers are receptive in nature to the changing conditions of global market. The flexibility of labor market is another important aspect to persuade more developed nations to offshore their business processes to India.

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