The latest ransomware attack has created a huge commotion around the world, affecting all the business verticals, right from banks, airports, and energy suppliers to the IT based companies. The first-hand reports by many organizations claim that the virus is highly sophisticated and is dangerous than the recent WannaCry attack.

The ransomware attack initially targeted the businesses that were based in Ukraine and Russia, before it spread to the Western Europe. The initial reports carried out by the Kaspersky Labs described ransomware as bringing in various infectious strategies and including an advanced version of the EternalBlue exploit (it was the initial way of the spread of WannaCry).

Ransomware Attack – A Major Blow to the IT World

The ransomware has been tagged as an alternative of the “Petya”, the ransomware which has been circulating since 2016. Thus, people have named the new ransomware as the “NotPetya” or “Nyetya”. The virus encodes the data of an infected computer and locks down the system, leaving behind a ransom note. The ransom note asks the infected one to send an email to a specific address after confirming to pay a sum of money.

There were two essential questions which are seeking out for a reliable answer – Origin of ransomware and how is it spreading?

Many experts believe that the ransomware attacks were first reported within a lot of private organizations in Ukraine. The Cybersecurity Expert Malware Tech found out that the ransomware was born from a well-known Ukrainian accounting software being the source. The software named “MeDoc” was hacked and it is said that the automatic feature updates sent the ransomware to all the computer systems that used this software.

The spread of this virus seemed to be a mysterious part. Earlier the spread was considered to be limited to the local networks. It implies that once it hits a computer, it will automatically attack all the internal networks. But there hasn’t been any evidence to prove that whether the malware is traveling through an email phishing campaign. But yes, it is targeting millions of networks rapidly.

According to a report bought out by the Kaspersky, ransomware malware has infected nearly 2000 business organizations around the world and has been originated on a local network in Ukraine. It has even spread to a chocolate factory in Tasmania, Australia, and even to a hospital in Pennsylvania.

Experts believe that ransomware malware is highly designed and is much dangerous than the WannaCry attack. Now, it’s high time for people to realize that the digital world is more prone to such deadly infections which can hamper the functioning of their business in an adverse way.

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