Arctic is all set to become the homeland of the world’s largest data center. A data center is generally described as a large group of networked computer servers which are used by the organizations for remote storage, processing, or the distribution of a large amount of data.

With an increase in the power supply to the data centers, there is also a simultaneous increase in the cooling demands. In order to cater to these two issues, the world’s largest data center is being set up in the Northern Norway, thus, utilizing the chilly Arctic climate to cool the server and absorbing the power from all the natural renewable sources.

The Kolos data center is being constructed by a US-Norwegian partnership (also known as Kolos). They believe that the site will draw up to nearly 1000 megawatts of power. The Kolos said, “It will be a fortress of data”.

Arctic Circle Being a Home to Largest Data Center

In the past, we have witnessed how Microsoft tried to cool the data center by placing it at the bottom of the sea. Arctic circle is considered to be a ‘giant refrigerator’ by many scientists and experts. It will emerge as the major asset for storing a bulk of data.

The data center will absorb the complete power from the renewable sources including wind and hydroelectricity. It will help to minimize the energy costs by nearly 60% and will offer a higher rate of employment. The data center will bring in around 2000-3000 new jobs and support thousands in the area.

Kolos has partnered with the HDR, an architecture design firm and the project is expected to bring in a huge profit to the various industries.

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