Creating the Database and Data Extraction

Case Study 03

Creating the Database and Data Extraction
Offshore India Data Entry has successfully extracted the data from nearly 40000 documents in approximately 90 days. Our team of personnel have proved their efficiency, since the beginning, and have achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

Our client was an auditing firm, based in the United Kingdom and had numerous branches across the globe. They were a renowned auditing service provider on the global platform.

They possessed a large amount of database of agreements consisting of handwritten and scanned copies and they required us to extract the data from these files and to convert them into the digital formats. We were supposed to extract the data from these files and enter the information into a new Excel spreadsheet as a database.

We provided a sample work wherein they were highly satisfied with the effort put in for the creation of databases. We faced a couple of challenges as the handwritten agreements can possess a threat in terms of generating inaccuracies.

Our initial aim was to create a flawless output. Considering the challenges, we employed 25 experienced personnel to handle this project. After the creation of databases and getting the approval of our client, we went ahead with the extraction of data. We used the means of FTP to upload the files so that our client does not face any sort of difficulty in downloading them. We adopted the technique of OCR to read the files and later on, they were converted into digital and editable documents. We extracted the data and then, this data was moved to an Excel sheet to create a new database. Our QC team ensured that the complete process was free from errors.

Creating the Database and Data Extraction