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Today people are increasingly choosing online shopping to satisfy their needs. So, being an e-commerce seller you must check whether all your product pages are optimized and whether they are creating a better impression on the customers to have a sale. The main part of any product page is its photos.� This is because it is the one that a customer would look at before anything else. All e-commerce sellers are aware of what photo editing services are essential for their product photos. But, there are many tips in ecommerce photo editing services and one should give great attention to it.


Below we describe the best tips that would ease the product photo editing services.

1. Using Spot Healing Brush Tool

Open your uncompressed image in the camera raw, a plugin for Photoshop. For better photo retouching services, reduce the contrast and make the product image fatter. By doing the necessary product photo editing, make use of the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove all the blemishes or discolorations in the image. Adjust the image saturation for better photo retouching services to bring out more contrast and color to the image.

2. Color Correcting using Eyedroppers

Color correcting is also known as adjusting the white balance of the image. Through this, one could change the colors of the photo to bring out the real-life color. Just make use of the curves adjustment layer and choose the curves. There one could see and use the three eyedroppers. A Gray eyedropper is the easiest one that could color correct the entire product image. And, it helps to adjust the color for the image and bring it near to the real-life color.

3. Use a Background Eraser Tool

A white background is essential for the ecommerce product photos as they have to be placed on a white web page or in a website. For better photo clipping path services, you could make use of the background removal tool. It removes the background of the product without even touching the tones and colors of the product. Also, fine tolerance settings must be done in photo clipping path services, to achieve the desired background removal as it determines how broad the eraser tool must be.

4. Rule to Resize your Photos

Resizing the product photos plays a major role as it is directly related to the loading speed. Here the rule is to change either the width or height of the image to 700. Then automatically the other dimension would change. This works out in most of the ecommerce product photo editing services. Thereby helping in the better viewing of the images on the product pages.

5. Use an Unsharp Mask Tool

mage sharpening is an important element in ecommerce photo editing services. With the help of the unsharp mask, one could adjust the radius, threshold, and amount of sharpening.� Through proper selection of the amount, the desired sharpening would be achieved. Radius helps to decide how sharp you want your image to be. Finally, the threshold tells the number of individual pixels being sharpened.

Editing is essential in product photos. Better photo retouching services, photo clipping path services, and color correctness through the use of better Photoshop tools would help to achieve the desired product image.


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