The Top 9 Design Trends to Conquer 2017

As technology is evolving faster than we would ever have imagined, every year brings with it a new set of trends that goes viral for most part of the year. It can be with colors, internet trends, design trends or even recruitment trends. Since web designing has become a competitive arena, here are some interesting trends you can watch out for 2017:

Bold Colors

If you look closely towards the end of 2016, websites have already started going bold with colors. More photographs are using bold colors to highlight the little nuances. Image processing has become an important part of web designs and hence many organizations prefer to utilize the services of outsourcing image processing India. As many retailers and other organizations are becoming digitized, they utilize these outsourcing services to update their website with their latest catalogues and eye-catching images that attract more customers.

Virtual Reality

Till recently, very few businesses used to utilize the power of Virtual Reality (VR) in their websites. Their success has prompted many other businesses also to explore the advantages of VR. But since VR requires advanced technology which is expensive and expertise who are rare to recruit, many organizations prefer Offshore Outsourcing Services as this is not their core business. Outsourced experts will do a better job at advanced VR solutions which will prove beneficial to the business.

Asymmetric Layout

Gone are the days when symmetry was a must to web designs. Asymmetry has taken over all contemporary concepts and designs. In dresses and furniture also asymmetry is the latest symmetry. This trend will follow in web designs too as people are no longer interested in symmetry which has become predictable and boring. Asymmetry excites the new generation and hence it will be followed in the web design layouts too.

Consistent UI/UX experience

While the layout may not follow symmetry, the UI and UX experience has to be consistent. The users of a website cannot be predicted to fall into a particular age-group unless it is exclusively for children or the youth. Most of the businesses prefer to keep a wider range of customers and users to explore their websites and hence they need to provide a consistent user interface and provide a consistent user experience. Offshore Research and Analysis will prove this an important characteristic for a website to succeed in attracting more traffic and converting it into a profitable business.

Fantastic Illustrations

illustrationIllustrations have become key to conveying messages successfully to the intended audience. Outsource image processing services have the experts who can convert your text content into fantastic image illustrations that convey the message more convincingly.

Bold Typography

As the colors go bold, the fonts and typography will also become bold in the coming days. People are clear about what they want to project in their websites and no longer want to keep things subtle. Competition is way too high to expect customers to see and comprehend what you want to convey and hence, it is more important to say it loud using bold colors and typography.

Real Photographs

A large group of audience now understands that photographs that look flawless are made that way using cutting-edge image editing tools. So it has become more trending to use raw photographs that tell a story which is more convincing and engaging to the customer. Image Processing Services India aids in convincingly edit the images at a bare minimum level so that they are more raw and appealing to the customers.

While mobile friendly and responsive designs have already become imperative for web designs, these are only some of the designing trends that will prove to be as crucial. As every business has its own key features to highlight and promote, they have to discuss their requirements with reputed web designers who are open to innovative ideas.