IT infrastructure is crucial to each and every business enterprises. IT infrastructure management is the process of managing the components of computer such as operating systems, hardware, networks, software applications, data management and storage devices and system integration services. The management of IT infrastructure is a more complex process, therefore, outsourcing is the best possible option for business enterprises.

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India is one of the major IT infrastructure management outsourcing hubs of global software service industry. Most of the European and American organizations outsource their IT infrastructure management services to the Indian outsourcing IT service providers like Wipro, HCL, TCS and Infosys. There are mainly three important parts to IT infrastructure management outsourcing services: System integration outsourcing, application outsourcing and IT consulting services. System integration service includes application development, implementation and integration. Application outsourcing encompasses maintenance and support and the third part contains strategic and business process consulting.

The scope of outsourcing infrastructure management is fewer than any other outsourcing services. The main reason is that most of the companies hesitate to handover the complete control of their systems and networks to the outsourcing companies. Timely management of infrastructure is very important and even seconds of downtime can break the entire business of a firm. While outsourcing infrastructure management services, outsourcing companies have to provide 100% efficiency to obtain the confidence of international clients. Indian IT-IM outsourcing companies are busy with planning effective strategies to provide more value to the client�s money by managing their IT infrastructure in a better way.

Most IT infrastructure management offshore outsourcing companies have to face a big challenge: the real time service. To provide real time services, outsourcing companies have to employ highly experienced professionals and latest technologies. To overcome this most challenging factor, the Indian companies like Wipro starts network operating centers (NOCs) in other countries like UK and US. NOCs facilitate the outsourcing companies to provide real time monitoring and network services. This increases the confidence level of organizations, those who have IT infrastructure management services to outsource.

India is the nerve center of IT infrastructure management outsourcing. The real fact behind this is low pricing but hidden costs are available in this outsourcing sector. Besides low pricing factor, Indian IT infrastructure management outsourcing companies provide real time and quality services. This enhances the confidence level of customers and tries to outsource more IT infrastructure management services to Indian IT management service providers.

However, there are some challenges have to face Indian outsourcing industry. Most Indian IT infrastructure management companies are only experienced in application outsourcing. We have not much experienced professionals in system integration and IT consulting. As a result, in the few instances, companies have to suffer quality service levels for cost savings. However, Indian offshore IT-IM service providers assume major role in global outsourcing industry.