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OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology is the topmost technology that could be used for data capture services. The technology allows capturing data quickly and efficiently from different information sources. The data entry companies could make use of the OCR technology for capturing the data from the files in any format and convert the information into desired electronic format. OCR services involve converting the scanned images of handwritten and typewritten text to machine text.


Through the features, and advantages let us see how OCR technology helps in data capture services.

Features of OCR Services Utilized in Data Capture

  1. Performing data extraction and OCR classification with accuracy.
  2. Great customizability and integrity
  3. Improved expandability and scalability
  4. Tracking of the documents in real-time.
  5. Single point of entry.
  6. Classifying the documents automatically and helps in routing to the classification.
  7. Audit trail while performing the data capture process.
  8. Availability of different exporting options.
  9. Performing better data scanning services.


These features help in conducting the data capture tasks effectively.

Advantages of Utilizing the OCR Technology for Data Capture

Data capture utilizing OCR technology offers many advantages while comparing it with the manual data capture process.� They include:

  1. No Form of Missed Information

Through OCR one could obtain the desired information from different sources. They help in recognizing the handwritten documents and multiple typefaces. This recognition allows converting the text present in the paper to digital format and this applies to all form types and documents.

  1. Better Use of Time

With OCR-based data capture, data could be processed more effectively compared to the manual methods. The manual process takes one or two days for completing the task. While OCR-based data capture allows data processing in a short period with minimum errors.

  1. Better Form of Security

OCR-based data capture allows solving many security issues associated with paper. Paper documents could be easily damaged and are difficult to store. Security becomes a question mark here as everyone has access to the important papers. By using OCR-based data capture, there are sophisticated user access logs and controls, thereby achieving better security.

  1. Minimizing the Errors

The techniques like document scanning, character recognition, and verifying take place effectively with fewer errors. Compared to the manual approach, the OCR services are found to be effective which involves the use of less time, and resources for implementing an error-free data capture process.

  1. Better Storage and Retrieval

Through OCR and data scanning services, the data capture documents could be stored electronically and could be properly maintained. Hence fast retrieval of the documents is possible with minimum errors.

Through the above advantages and features, one could understand how better OCR is for the data capture and data scanning services. Thus, OCR could act as the main tool for data capture.


OCR technology makes use of the desired scanning process to be effective through our strategies involved in it. By better verification and validating process, one could improve the data capture process. And allow better storage and retrieval of the data.


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